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Why do I keep turning into a vampire when I'm already a werewolf?

I finally downloaded Dawn Guard a bit ago. I chose the vampire hunter path and I am currently searching out the Dwemer schematics for Sorine.

On the fifth leg of the quest, it sent me to Robber's Gorge to find what I think is the last schematic (I've already retrieved the Enhanced Crossbow, Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt, and Shock Bolt schematics). But every time I get to the location, after a few minutes of fighting the random bandits (or in some cases just after the fight) my screen will go red and I get the note "Your vampiric powers fade as you feed". I have been a werewolf for sometime so I can't simply be infected Sanguinare Vampiris.

Most recently I paused to the Active Effects screen just as the red around the edges started to appear. There was nothing listed but my equipment effects and Beast Blood. But after the red faded and I got the notice, the effects had Nightstalker's Footsteps, Champion of the Night, and Weakness to Fire listed. When I shift, I still turn into a werewolf

I have reloaded from a previous save point numerous times, tried traveling to the location at various times and from different directions. I get the same results every time I go there. I don't particularly want to be a hybrid, so I'm looking for some help on what may be going on here.


bluedragon619 answered:

All hail skyrim, a brilliant game but still with some award winning glitches, sorry can't be of more help
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FatManofD00M answered:

it could be you character is just glitched. Glitches are common when dlc is active. I recently made a new character, and Alduin wont land when im about to be executed in the beggining. I suggest to just visit your preferred altar reguraly, or keep cure disease potions at hand.
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RoboCobra answered:

I am having this exact same issue. I just started playing the Dragonborn expansion, and now this is happening to me. I have been a werewolf for pretty much the entire game, when suddenly it says "Your vampiric powers recede as you feed." What the hell? It also says in my general stats "Necks bitten: 1" , but this is just utter bullcrap. Now I'm a werewolf who gets weakened by fire and sunlight.
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