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Where to get/find Quarried Stone?

I know someone ask this question but I didn't understand. I just bought the property/land in The Pale and I can't find quarried stone. I know what it is suppose to look like and how there is a pick axe by it but I can find it anywhere. The only place I have seen it is in the chest outside the house and no where else. I have heard that you can talk to people around mines but there is no dialogue options. Please help!

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Like what is a near by marked re on the map and/or tell me what direction of the house it is in details.

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whiteninja12239 answered:

No offense, but you obviously don't know what your talking about so I'm just asking a friend of mine or maybe a re-do of the question.
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stuntsnik11 answered:

There should be a mine on you actual estate. Both Clay and Stone mines are provided on your property. Look around on cliff faces by your house. For clay, check the ground near your house. It will be a brownish patch on the ground. For my house in the Pale the stone mine was at the base of the cliff between my house and the sea. The clay mine was near the tree by my Lumber pile. The locations may not be fixed though so I don't know how much that will help you.
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whiteninja12239 answered:

What is a nearby are for the stone mine in the Pale?
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