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How do you buy the plot of land in Dawnstar?

I already have the Falkreath land but I want the house in dawnstar, so is there something I have to do for it to become available?

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jammymacster answered:

You will have to complete the quest Waking Nightmare, and then the favor quest Kill the Giant before being allowed to purchase the property if Skald is still jarl. (Note: This favor has a prerequisite of being level 22.)
If Brina Merilis you just need to complete Waking Nightmare.
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stuntsnik11 answered:

You must be the Thane first. Complete the requirements to become Thane, then talk to the Jarl's Housecarl.
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jammymacster answered:

He can glitch and not give the dialogue to become Thane or for the Steward to give you the dialogue to buy the land.

The only way I managed to fix it was to join the Empire and take over Dawnstar. I was then able to buy land from Brina Merilis' steward.
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