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How do I open the gates in Vokun's Throne Room in the High Gates Ruin?

trying to open gates in Vokun's Throne room to get to The Legendary Scourge

Accepted Answer

jammymacster answered:

"If the radiant quest Fetch me that Book! or Shalidor's Insights has been accepted and directs the player to High Gate Ruins, the book will be located in a chest in the antechamber behind Vokun's Throne Room. However, the antechamber will be inaccessible if the player has already visited High Gate Ruins and killed Vokun."

This is the only listed solution.
"Vokun's Throne Room may be accessed by utilizing a follower to open the gate blocking the player from the antechamber exit above the first room. This is accomplished by bringing a follower after clearing out the entire dungeon (unconfirmed if clearing out the dungeon is necessary), climbing up the pile of rubble, in the first room, beside Anska, and using Whirlwind Sprint to access the walkway leading to the exit from the antechamber. The follower will run through the dungeon and eventually, in approximately 1-3 minutes, appear on the other side of the gate from the player. The follower can then be instructed to pull the chain, thereby opening the gate and permitting the player into Vokun's Throne Room."

You may also be able to try to try clipping through the gates using the wooden platter glitch.
Other items like plates and platters can also be used and sometimes you only need to sprint to get through. Often times it can't be done through gates though.
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