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How do I Escape Irkngthand?

I keep drowning because i cannot find the exit. Is it at the top? I have tried swimming into all the pipes, but nothing works

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bluedragon619 answered:

Lol you wait for the room to flood and some rocks come down from the ceiling to uncover the exit, if you have a save from before hand, look up and find bronze water cave and go there, its a little offshoot and you'll see this is the exit from irkngthand
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HAYEDERSAL answered:

It's also wise to do a partal piece of the side quest masks of the dragon priests and get the mask
volsung 20% better barter & speech I'm guessing on that part off the top of my brain,
But this is the 100% accurate part it does do waterbreathing plus the wordwall behind the priest
is for the thu'um shout whirlwind sprint and as a bonus this mask comes in handy
when you go to solithstime; and yes my spelling is more than likly wrong on most of these words right now,
but it the general IDEA that counts.
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