Question from orlrick

Asked: 1 year ago

How do you craft an item out of stalhrim?

There is an achievement to craft an item out of stalhrim. I have the stalhrim but do not know where to go to craft the items

Accepted Answer

From: jammymacster 1 year ago

You need to complete the quest A New Source of Stalhrim and have the Ebony Smithing perk.
A New Source of Stalhrim becomes available after you complete the quest The Fate of the Skaal (the quest where you free the Skaal).

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jammymacster is right. Once you have done this, you should find a suitable source of Stalhrim. I think during this mission, you are given the location of a deposit. It regenerates slowly, but is a good source of the substance.

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Stalhrim cann

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