Question from puppylove3

Asked: 1 year ago

How to i get the Thane quest in dawnstar?

I have helped all the people i need but the Jarl won't give me the option for work. Do i need to be at a certain level or is this a bug? I was able to get the option on another playthrough and i was at level 20 does that matter?

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From: jammymacster 1 year ago

It is down to your level. You need to complete a giant bounty quest for the Jarl that has a minimum level of 22 to receive it. If Brina Merilis is Jarl (from the Civil War quest-line) you don't need to complete this quest and thus can become thane earlier.
You also need to assist three people in the Pale which is easy.
You may also need to complete Waking Nightmare.

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