Question from Rhaegar8374

Asked: 3 years ago

Dragon souls and shouts?

So i found a fire shout rune, well ive killed 2 dragons since and it still hasnt unlocked. Do i need to kill a certain dragon? when i try to use it just keeps saying i need a dragon soul ive gotten 2 since!!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Well i feel better knowing im not the only one.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Yeah thanks found that out on my own, some of the things in menu r kinda hard to see on my tv, thanks anyways.

Accepted Answer

From: abizzell 3 years ago

When in the menu, highlight the shout, and press X to use the dragon soul to unlock the shout.

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Well ive killed 4 (3 scripted 1 dynamic) and i still cant use it so i suggest you go kick some dragon tail.

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Dragons are dynamic just wander around.

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