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Asked: 3 years ago

Daedric artifact?

Does anyone know If there are more than 15 daedric artifacts?

Accepted Answer

From: bgbear27 3 years ago

They are 1. azura's star 2. ebony mail 3. masque of clavicus vile 4. oghma infinium 5. savior's hide or ring of hircine 6. volendrung 7. mehrunes' razor 8. ebony blade 9. dawnbreaker 10. mace of molag bal 11. ring of namira 12. skeleton key 13. spellbreaker 14. sanguine rose 15. wabbajack 16. skull of corruption

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There.... isn't. It's confirmed that there are exactly that many Daedric Artifacts. What gave you the idea that there was more?

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Actually there are 16 daedric artifacts

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