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Asked: 3 years ago

Mzinchaleft required item?

Does anyone know where and how to obtain the required item for the mechanism at the end of Mzinchaleft close to where you fight the Centurion?

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From: Hock93 3 years ago

The item that you need is the "attunement sphere." You will get it when you near the end of the main quest line

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I am assuming you went in there after Grimsever yes?
I do know that you have to go in there to kill a mage for the Dark Brotherhood (probably found his journal in a locked rooom). He may have it on him. But I have not gotten that far just yet.

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You get the attunement sphere(what the dwarven mechanism uses) after you start the quest discerning the transmundane, given by septimus signus, who is in a cave at the far northeast point in skyrim.

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I completed 3 quests at once in that ruin without even realizing it. I obtained the elder scroll, which I used on the throat of the world about an hour later, transcribed the lexicon, and found grimsever.

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