Question from happysteve789

Asked: 3 years ago

Windhelm Murder problem?

OK so i've been trying to get the blood on the ice mission to start. Ive don into the murders hideout ive waited outside the city until 2:30 a bunch of times and idk what do do! Ps is it 2:30 at night or afernoon?

Accepted Answer

From: WuldNaKest 3 years ago

It's a bug that doesn't cause a certain NPC to trigger a kill scene. Try reloading a save, and clearing your system cache if you know how.

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I've read that you need to go to windhelm go someplace else come back, and repeat this four or five times to trigger it. I've only gotten it once in 4 games. You should find a gathering of people in the cemetery at night

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