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Asked: 2 years ago

Curious Silver mold?

I picked up the curious silver mold during a quest I got at the College of Winterhold. Does this prevent me from getthing the quest from Delvin in the thieves guild?? If so am I screwed out of getting the "one with the shadows" achievement?

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I'll take any information on it

Additional details - 2 years ago

I still have the mold and I did 5 side quests in markarth that i got from Delvin and Vex, but he wont give me the main quest for Markarth yet.

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From: phixieous 2 years ago

Having the mold before getting the quest from Delvin has no effect on being able to get the achievement. If you have it before hand, it just saves you the trouble of having to go fetch it when asked to do so.

As for not being given the quest, it you have any other thieves guild guests still active, you might need to finish them before a special assignment can be given. (You can't take a job from Vex while on a special assignment from Delvin.) It could also be a glitch. I have heard of people saying that Delvin is not offering the special assignments. If you can, re-load a previous save from before you took the last job in Markarth.

I hope something works for you.

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If you know who you gave it to you should be able to steal it back.

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Ensure you have finished all of your existing Radiant Theives Guild quests. Then yes, the Markarth special quest is the one with the curious silver mould. I have done it where I have had the mould before taking the quest and you can just respond to his quest with "Do you mean this? (Give Silver Candlestick mould)"

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