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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I fill black soul gem??

Im doing the quest to stop being a vampire and he gave me a black soul gem and told me to fill it the question is how do i do this????

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From: krilledit 3 years ago

Use soul trap on any humanoid and it will fill the black soul gem for you, it any be easier to use a weapon that has soul trap enchantments on it

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The same way as a regular soul gem. Find an enemy, cast soul trap on it, then kill it to fill the gem. I'm not exactly sure if you need a grand soul or if any type of soul will do.

If you don't have soul trap, the tome can be randomly bought from wizards.

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Actualyy the black soul gem captures Human souls ie npc enemies ie bandits thalmor etc whereas the normal soul gems capture creatures souls like wolves, bears sabre cats, this same rule applies to the black azura star and the regular azura star. Hope this helps

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Use soul trap on target. Kill target. Soul gem filled. Seriously I can't believe people are even asking this stuff...okay so its not the most basic game mechanic of Skyrim and maybe you haven't played Elder Scrolls before but...just...well...still!!

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