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Asked: 2 years ago

Woodcutters Wife ghost???

The book "The Woodcutters Wife" tells a story about a woman that becomes a ghost that carries an axe. The book says that you can still see her walking through the trees.

Is this true. Is there a ghost of a woman that you can see? And where is she?

Also, who is "the champion of Skyrim" ghost that i heard about? And where is he? I do NOT mean the ghost of the headless horseman. I heard that the champion of skyrim and the headless horseman are two different ghosts.

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Also... please dont post anything that is not an actual answer. Answers ONLY please, not opinions or ideas.

Accepted Answer

From: 12345678me8 2 years ago

the champion of skyrim is either Talos who founded skyrim or one of the three dragonborn who defeated alduin the first time as for the woodcutters wife thats a myth ive played way too long not too see her if she is out there i have fought ghosts before and read the book but none match her decription she is not real srry too disapoint
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