Question from hblakin

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat Falmer?

There are two Falmer to beat before getting to the bugs. i cant beat the two i have tried everything. can someone help me??is there a cheat code?? ive tried for an hour and a half to beat it

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From: fluxspider 2 years ago

Falmer are blind, so light's don't matter, but this makes them very sensitive to sounds. Cast muffle before sneaking up and landing a cheap shot, or use arrows against objects to confuse them. You could always open up the options menu and lower the difficulty but there are no cheat codes for the console version of Skyrim.

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Maybe you're too low a level? Did that ever occur to you?
The Falmer are fairly easy to kill at higher levels, given the right equipment.

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In situations like that I usually hide somewhere and summon something. If you're well hidden your summoned creature will take the hits and if it dies just summon another until the falmer eventually die.

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1) Take weapon.
2) Hit Falmer with weapon.
3) ???

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well depending on your level the are normally easy to handle... have you tried using your DS? slow down time is very helpfull. or unrelenting force is beast at level 3.

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Yeah dude just level up some more, get better equipment, and kill those bastards!

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