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Asked: 2 years ago

How would I get in to white run as a full blow vamp?

Need help getting in to white run. I keep getting attack as I get close to the gate. I know that becoming a werewolf is the best cure for me but cant find the inn

Additional details - 2 years ago

Would it work to be invisible cause thats one of the powers of a vamp but how would u ask the inn keeper about the werewolfs and not git attack?

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If you're a "full-blown" vampire (level 4 vampirism), the best thing would be to feed on a sleeping person before even attempting to get into Whiterun. Read this thread to find a good place to do that:

Then go to Morthal & speak to the wizard there - he has a "cure vampirism" quest.

It *is* possible to become a "werepire" (werewolf & vampire at the same time) through a glitch, but I'm guessing you don't want to do that?

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