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Asked: 1 year ago

How do I find the Unmelting Snow?

I have every thing but the Unmelting Snow. I have the notched pick axe and climbed to the top of Throat of the world. I can't figure where to dig for the snow. Have you found it?

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If you have the quest selected you should have a quest marker pointing to the snow. If you still can't find it then this YouTube video should help.

If you're at the location but you still can't grab the snow then it's glitched. Supposedly leaving and doing a few other quests before returning may fix it. Going elsewhere (like Whiterun) and using the Wait function to wait for ten days may fix it too.

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You don't need the notched pick axe to get "unmelting snow" just as the poster before me said, make sure you have the quest selected, the location is opposite of where the dragon paarthunax is sitting.

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It is under the top of the snow at the marker. If you look right above the rock at the market it should come up.

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Go to the very top of the throat of the world, and use the quest marker to find the specific patch of snow.

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What unmelting snow?

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