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Asked: 1 year ago

How do I become vampire lord?

How do I become a vampire lord? Im already a vampire but I must do something else to be a lord

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From: Dreadsword101 1 year ago

You need the Dawnguard DLC (it's the main gimmick of it). Once you have escorted Serana to Castle Volkihar, Harkon will offer you a place in his court. Agree to his offer and he will give you the strain of vampirism that has the ability to transform into a vampire lord.

You can also get it much later in the questline even if you chose to join the Dawnguard. Serana can give you vampirism as one of the two options to enable you to safely traverse the Soul Cairn. You can also tell Serana to turn you into a vampire after the Dawnguard questline is complete which, of course, has the vampire lord transformation.

Just note that all members of the Dawnguard will refuse to interact with you when you are a vampire.

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You must have the Dawnguard dlc to be a vampire lord. Once you have the dlc you must side with the vampires in the main quest line of the dlc to be a vampre lord.

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