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Add ons?

Please help-I played through the game when it first came out-it didnt have anything about 'add-ons' on the loading screen at that time. While I'm playing it now, there seems to be a new map/quest called 'Awakening' involving vampires-is this the 'add-on' or am I getting confused with DLC content? And if it isnt DLC, are there other (free) 'add-ons' in the game I should know about?

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Very strange-as I haven't paid for any DLC!

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Awakening is a quest in the DLC "dawn guard" which I believe costs 1200 ms points. I don't think that it's supposed to show up if you didn't buy the dlc but I bought it right away so I'm not completely sure.

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Add-ons are basically DLC. There are currently three add-ons for Skyrim. Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.
None of those are free.

The quest Awakening is the second quest in the Dawnguard add-on. So you must have already visited the Dawnguard.

For more information about each add-on visit the following links:

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If someone else on that console got the DLC then you would be able to access it on your account to. Either way, someone had to have paid for it.

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