Question from Squiggrock

Asked: 1 year ago

Locked door in the Midden Dark?

There is a locked door in the Midden Dark before you get to the gauntlet. It needs a key and it cannot be picked. Where do I find this key? Is it part of a quest?

Accepted Answer

From: MehGusta 1 year ago

I haven't been to the Midden in a very long time. However, you say that this is before you enter the Gauntlet Chamber? This is either a bug, or it could be down to one other thing ; have you progressed in the College of Winterhold story-line and visited the Augur of Dunlain? I think you may have done, but just checking.

Chances are this is a bug, a bug which I have never seen reported before... Just in case, go onto YouTube and look up a video walk through, it may tell you the answer.

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