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How do I solve the golden claw door puzzle? 12
In your opinion who is the best wife to marry? 11
Quickest way to level up smithing? 7
How do you duplicate items? 13
Who's the best companion in skyrim ?? 16
How do I beat Ancano? 1
How to get level 100 destruction within 1-2 hours? 9
How do I defeat Malkoran in Meridia's quest? (Spoilers) 12
Where can I find Clay (Hearthfire)? 4
How do I fill black soul gem?? 4
Recent Questions Answers
When Can I PreOrder Skyrim V For PS4? (On the PS Store) 2
Why does my Skyrim keep freezing? 1
Lydia? 2
Did Ulfric actually want to be High King? 3
What is the best way to level up the schools of magic skill trees (anything in the magic section)? 3
Actually just wondering if someone can recommend a game similar to Skyrim? 2
Can pc like mods be downloaded on skyrim xbox 360 that has been downloaded ? (not a disc) 0
Why won't Dragonborn questline start? 0
How do I get passed the Iron Gate in the Bleak Falls Barrow in Skyrim Legendary Edition? 1
How do I get 100 in speech? 2
Unresolved Questions Answers
Where are the 4 aetherium shards located? 4
Divorce Possible In Skyrim? 9
Light Armor or Heavy Armor? 9
Still can't find Lydia? 2
How do I hire a steward? 2
How many quests in Skyrim? 2
Where can I buy good bows? 19
Why does the game keep telling me I cant fast travel sleep or rest? 4
Is there a way to get Tolfdir to fire the Spell in First Lessons? 9
Where can i find the steward in whiterun? 3

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