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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
A new souce of stalhrim quest help? Open 2
Arkngthamz acting up...anyone know a fix for this? Open 1
Blood's Honor Problems? Open 8
Boethiah's Calling Help? Open 7
Cave of wolf trapped how exit? Open 2
Civil War negotiations/Joining the Stormcloaks missions overlap can't progress? Open 2
Coral Dragon Claw Mistake? Open 3
Dawnguard Rescue Mission Bug? Open 4
Door stuck in Evil in Waiting? Open 2
Dragonborn: How do I find Varona's body in the reluctant seward quest? Open 2
During the quest "The Cure For Madness" why isn't Shadowmere appearing? Open 8
Filial Bonds...glitch? Open 1
Final Descent quest won't advance? Open 1
Forbidden Legends quest glitch? Open 2
Gaulder Legend Quest? Open 2
Grey Mane quest glitched, how can i finish it? Open 3
Hard Answers possible glitch? (Thieves Guild) Open 1
Help me solve this one deadric artifact quest in skyrim ? Open 4
Help wih boethiahs calling please? Open 3
Help? The Walking Nightmare Open 1
How can I finish the quest ''Skooma Trade'' ? Open 2
How can I start the The Whispering Door quest? Open 1
How do i activate dampened spirits in thieves guild? Open 3
How do I become Thane of Riften? Open 9
how do I complete "rescue mission"? Open 2
How do I complete the forbidden legend? Open 2
How do i continue the liberate the reach quest? Open 1
How do I end Purity when it won't let me? Open 1
How do I find Svidi? Open 1
How do I find the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller-Whatever? Open 3
How do I find the Unmelting Snow? Open 5
How do i find Windward Ruins for the Destruction ritual quest? Open 3
How do I get into iron dragon claw door? Open 3
How do I get my screen to Go back to normal? Open 4
How do I get the bow to kill the head vampire in the castle past solitude? Open 1
How do I purchase the Hjerim house? Open 9
How do I solve "speaking with silence" quest ? Open 2
How do I solve 'revealing the unseen'? Open 3
How do I solve (forsworn conspiracy)? Open 2
How do I solve (geirmunds hall)? Open 4
How do I solve (Gouldur Amulet third ruin)? Open 3
How do I solve (Skyrim)? Open 1
How do I solve (the cursed tribe)? Open 4
How do I solve bloodskul barrow? Open 2
How do I solve Cragslane Cavern Glitch? Open 3
How do I solve Darkness Returns? Open 2
How do I solve Gaulder Legend? Open 1
How do I solve getting the Windhwelm house? Open 4
How do I solve getting to ghorza under belathors in white run? Open 3
How do I solve Glory of the Dead? Open 2
How do I solve Irknghand? Open 2
How do I solve Irkngthand people not showing up? Open 1
How do I solve Lost to the ages quest? Open 4
How do I solve Nord Puzzel? Open 2
How do I solve path of knowledge bridge puzzle? Open 1
How do I solve Rescue mission for the companions "rescuing Amren"? Open 6
How do I solve reunification of skyrim (general tullius)? Open 2
How do I solve ruby claw? Door will not open Open 3
How do I solve Shalidors insights? Open 1
How do I solve the 'Rising at Dawn' quest? Open 1
How do I solve The Pillgrims Pass? Open 3
How do I solve the puzzel of alguin quest? Open 1
How do I solve the queen of solitudes quest? Open 2
How do I solve the Soul Cairn quests? Open 1
How do I start (The Pursuit)? Open 1
How do I start the Stalhrim quest is Doer dies? Open 1
How do I start The Taste of Death? Open 2
How do I trigger shahvee quest? Open 1
How do I trigger Shahvee's quest? Open 1
How many quests in Skyrim? Open 2
How to attend the glory of the dead funeral? Open 1
How to end quest "Proving Honor"? Open 3
I can't complete the Eris Hired Muscle Companions quest--any suggestions? Open 3
I Can't Find Gulum-Ei, it's not the "inside and outside of Solitude" glitch? Open 1
I can't start "Season unending"? Open 4
I can't start the sidequest "Blood on Ice" to save my life? Open 8
I have a bug whit this giqnt killing quest cqn somone help ? Open 1
I need help with the thieves guild quest called speakin with silence ? Open 2
I'm having a ton of trouble starting the "Compainions" questline? Open 2
I'm having a ton of trouble starting the "Companions" questline? Open 3
i'm stuck in Misty Grove. Help? Open 2
Is anyone else stuck on Odmund's request mission? Open 1
Is there any way for Riften to end up being patrolled by Stormcloak Soldiers? Open 2
Joining the Legion problem with clearing Fort?? Open 2
Kill lu-oh al skuven in ansilvund?? Open 2
Killing the Butcher of Windhelm before Blood on the Ice begins? Open 3
Legate Rikke Quest Options? Open 1
Lost Companion, no REALLY!! - Says I have one and I don't !!!? Open 7
Lost to the Ages wont start, journal is nowhere to be found, what should i do? Open 2
Meridia Break of Dawn help? Open 2
My skooma quest in riften may be glitched? Open 2
Need on on ancient technology quest? Dawn guard Open 1
No Stone Unturned Help? Open 2
Orthorn in Hitting the Books? Open 1
Paarthurnax? Open 3
Pieces of the past glitch???? Open 1
Plant letter on Mora? Open 2
Plz help? Open 2
Problem during main quest? Open 1
Proving Honor Lever Glitch? (Serious Problem) Open 2
Quest the world eaters eyrie: diamond claw door? Open 2
Revealing The Unseen? Open 2
Skyborn altar word of power not working? Open 1
SKYRIM HELP: Mind of Madness (Pelagius' Mind Teleport Freeze) Any Fixes? Open 3
Tending the Flames - Where is Jorn? Open 1
Thalmar Embassy Question? Open 4
The Battle for fort Amol is bugged? Open 1
The Break of Dawn bug? Open 1
The Man Who Cried Wolf Quest? Open 1
Theives guild side quest, the fishing job? Open 2
Thieves Guild Ceremony Glitch? Open 3
Thieves guild glitch? Open 2
Thieves guild help-no stone unturned? Open 2
Totems of Hircine? Open 3
Trying to find Vigilant Tyranus? Open 3
Twilight Sepulchre, fourth part? Open 3
Two Main quests both glitched? (spoilers) Open 1
un-removable quest items, from the Companion quests? Open 2
Ustengrav stone problem? Open 2
Valtheim Keep Glitch? Open 1
Valtheim Keep Quest?. Open 1
What combination do i use in the forgemasters fingers to open the locked gate in ansilvund excavation? Open 2
What is the best way to get to shrine of mehrunes dagon? Open 2
What is the combination for the door for the family heirloom quest? Open 1
what quest requires the Grand Staff of Charming? Open 2
What weapon do you need to open the pedestal at forgemaster fingers? Open 1
When your in the inner sanctum of the twighlight sepulcre what do you do? Open 1
Where are the 4 aetherium shards located? Open 3
where is Bujold's Retreat? Open 1
Where is hjaltis sword? Open 1
where is Kharjo after sending him home? Open 4
Which daedric artifacts can I miss or mess up? Open 4
Whispers in the Dark stuck in coffin? Open 2
Why can't I get credit for the briar heart in 'Repairing the Phial'? Open 4
Why wont she tell me my fortune? Open 5
Word of power in kilkreath ruins wont show up? Open 1
Item Help status answers
Alchemy 2.0 Brewing philters, draughts, elixirs? Open 7
At what level do you start seeing elven armor? Open 11
Atronach Forge won't give me a spell tome? Open 2
Can I reset leveled items? Open 2
Can you acquire the robe noctunal wears? Open 5
Cant find Volendrung? Open 5
Clothing help for the island of Solstheim? Open 3
Companion soul trapping? Open 3
Do plants on hanging racks respawn after time? Open 1
Does renaming item count against enchanting potion time ? Open 1
Does the fortify block (in enchanting) require a shield to work? Open 1
Dragon weapons? Open 10
Elder scroll? Open 4
Evidence chest? Open 2
Galdur's amulet glitch no longer working? Open 1
Harbinger room display case cannot access? Open 2
Has duping been discovered yet? Open 4
Helgen equipment ? Open 2
House at Windhelm? Open 4
How do I change my wife's clothes? Open 3
How do I find/get an item I accidentally sold? Open 3
How do i reach sky haven temple? Open 2
How do I use my shout? Open 2
How do i use the charcoal? Open 2
How the hell do I create potions of Cure Poison? Open 3
How to find fortify heavy armor enchanment? Open 2
How to work the exploited Alchemy/Restoration trick. Help? Open 3
I have two questions....? Open 1
I'm a little confused on poisoning weapons. How does it work? Open 2
Is it possible to get the forgemaster's fingers as an orc? Open 1
Is there a levitation spell? Open 3
Is there a way to make bound weapons permanent again? Open 1
Is there any way i can craft arrows??? Open 6
Is there more than one full set of falmer armor? Open 4
Is there some sort of really good powerful bow? Open 10
Items regenerating in Arch Mage Chambers? Open 2
Light Armor or Heavy Armor? Open 6
Looking for city guard armor? Open 1
Looting from the Conjured? Open 3
Magic and conjuration? Open 3
Magic item vs. Regular item price help? Open 1
Map of Dragon Priest Masks? Open 3
Need help locating shouts... suggestions? Open 6
Need help with amulet of mara item? Open 3
New dawnguard dlc unique weapons? Open 2
Nirnroot? Open 4
No mask for DB armor? Open 9
One more resist magic clarification help question? Open 1
One with the shadows glitch? Open 1
One-handed? Open 3
Pickpocketing equipped items? Open 1
Problem with maramal? Open 2
Quest Books? Open 1
Question about Stolen Items? Open 3
Repairing the phial? Open 5
Reverse weapon grips? Open 4
Skill points glitch??? Open 2
Skyrim Proudspire Manor arrow glitch? Open 1
Smithing skills/perks? Open 3
Spouse storage containers safe for storage ? Open 2
Stones of Barenziah? (or more exact the one in Saarthal) Open 6
Thieves guild armor? Open 3
Third Stage Unrelenting Force? Open 3
Unable to loot Dwarven Spheres? Open 3
Unique Weapons?!?! Open 5
Upgraded Ebony Blade's description? Open 2
Using iron ore? Open 1
What Are The Ingredients For The Best Frenzy Poison? Open 1
What does Esbern's Potion do? Open 2
What if I missed one? Open 3
What is that armor the wood elf is wearing in the loading screen? Open 4
What is the best sword in the game? Open 5
What school of magic does the Staff of Magnus fall under? Open 1
What warhammer should I use? Open 1
What's the best place to find flawless amethysts? Open 1
Where can I buy good bows? Open 16
Where can I buy large quantities of lesser and petty soul gems? Open 5
Where can I find (cloaking spells)? Open 3
Where can I find (Daedric arrows)? Open 5
Where can I find (dragon call shout)? Open 4
Where can I find (legendary dragon)? Open 1
Where can I find (muffle enchantment)? Open 4
Where can I find (paralysis enchantment)? Open 2
Where can I find (skooma recipe)? Open 1
Where can I find (the most powerful enchantments)? Open 2
Where can I find (the power of spells book)? Open 1
Where can I find (Unenchanted Hooded Black Robes)? Open 2
Where can I find a black/grey Blacksmith Apron? Open 3
Where can I find a dress/gown? Open 1
Where can i find a Ebony Mine? Open 5
Where can i find a mammoth tusk like buy one? Open 6
Where can I find a piece of armor that has fortify black smithing ? Open 4
Where can I find a unique great sword? Open 4
Where can I find a vendor to buy Apple Cabbage Soup? Open 4
Where can I find a weapon that has a banish enchantment? Open 3
Where can I find Aela? Open 1
Where can I find all dragon priest masks? Open 2
Where can I find an Imperial Helmet from Oblivion? Open 2
Where can I find apparel with water breathing enchantment? Open 4
Where can I find clothes that are similar to Ulfric Stormcloak's? Open 4
Where can I find crossroad watchtower? Open 1
Where can I find ectoplasm? Open 2
Where can I find Fortify Alchemy apparel? Open 2
Where can I find Fortify Smithing Formula? Open 3
Where can I find gauldur amulet fragment in saarthal? Open 1
Where can I find gold ore to mine? Open 4
Where can I find holywater? Open 1
Where can I find Honningbrew Mead? Open 3
Where can I find jazaby grapes? Open 3
Where can I find Lynoit's Dawnguard Cache? Open 2
Where can I find mines? Open 2
Where can i find my horse? Open 6
Where can I find Noble Clothes that are Green? Open 3
Where can I find Orichalcum ore? Open 1
Where can I find queen bee statue? Open 1
Where can I find Shahvee's amulet in Uttering Hills Cave? Open 1
Where can I find Sheogorath? Open 1
Where can i find some Flawless Sapphire? Open 3
Where can I find Soul Trap? Open 2
Where can I find straw? Open 3
Where can I find strong weapons? Open 8
Where can I find the apple pie recipe? Open 1
Where can I find the Arch-Mage Robes? Open 2
Where can I find the armor from the stratagey guide? Open 3
Where can I find the detect life spell? Open 8
Where can I find the exit to geirmund's hall? Open 1
Where can I find the Fear spell? Open 4
Where can I find the guys i need to see about the home in whiterun? Open 1
Where can I find the helm of Yngol? Open 1
Where can I find the Necklace of Peerless Haggling? Open 1
Where can I find the staff of dread zombie? Open 1
Where can I find the strongest, golden Greatsword? Open 3
Where can I find this? (Hide Armor with skulls) Open 2
Where can I find Volendrung/Hammer of Might? Open 1
Where do i buy updated stuff for my house??????????????? Open 3
Where is the crown in the jagged crown? Open 1
Where is the quill under the lake? Open 1
Why will Ulric not accept the Jagged Crown or how do I give it to him? Open 1
Will my house ever be robbed or destroyed? Open 2
Will the Oghma Infinium Glitch still work? Open 2
Windshear is nowhere to be found? Open 1
Wooden mask Missing?! Open 3
Words of power locations? Open 6
Wuuthrad disappeared :(? Open 1
Level Help status answers
A Chance Arrangement? Open 1
After stealing plans? Open 1
Boethiah's Calling? Open 2
Can either castle volihkar or fort Dawnguard be cleaned up? Open 2
Can someone help me???? Open 2
Can't walk across the Dragon Bridge? Open 1
Dawnguard The blood scroll? Open 1
Does Whiterun ever get rebuilt? (Spoilers) Open 2
Enchanting and Illusion skills? Open 4
Help with thieves Guild? Open 2
Hired Muscle: Intimidate the Jarl of Dawnstar? For real? Open 2
How do i find little ghost girl? Open 1
How do I finish "The Jagged Crown"? Open 2
How do I get past Mehrunes Razor? Open 2
How do I get past Yngol Barrow? Open 1
How do I get to Valtheim Keep? Open 2
How do I give the King (or Jarl) of WhiteRun his axe? Open 1
How do I open sky haven temple? Open 1
I got stuck in Diplomatic Immunity mission? Open 1
I need help finishing the Elder Knowledge quest? Open 2
I need helping with the "Blindsighted" quest? Open 1
Is there a companion with "Train Light Armor"? Open 2
Is there a way to get Tolfdir to fire the Spell in First Lessons? Open 6
Jarl of solitude disappeared????Spoiler*** Open 4
Light armor ? Open 1
Not sure what to do after "Blood's Honor" companions quest? (spoiler alert) Open 3
Problem with attaining the clear skies shout? Open 1
Problem with Companion's quest? Open 2
Siege on the dragon cult claw problems? Open 1
Stuck with glitch on final stormcloak level, please help? Open 4
The "A Cornered Rat" quest. Esbern help? Open 3
The main quest line? Open 3
Under Saarthal quest ,Tolfdir won't follow me into the dungeon (after the vision) while the game wants me to follow him? Open 3
Unopenable door for the Family Heirloom Companion Quest? Open 1
Vamp castle vs fort dawnguard? Open 2
Where can i find master enchanter Hamal? Open 1
Where do you find an expert destruction trainer? Open 3
Which military forts get repopulated by Imperials or Stormcloaks after you clear them of enemies? Open 1
Why am I so weak? Open 9
Strategy Help status answers
Are You Able to Do The Level Up with Trainer Trick?? Open 2
Argonians assassin? Open 2
Assassination cinematics? Open 1
Bleed Damage? Open 1
Can you store items in dead person's house? Open 3
Can your companion do alchemy? Open 2
Could someone help me upgrade my archery? *new* Open 1
Deep wounds perk? Open 1
Do henchmen level up with us? Open 2
Do the Stormcloaks want only nords to be in skyrim? Open 4
Does heavy armor skill effect unarmed? Open 3
Does it matter what type of item you disenchant? Open 2
Does Safia ever sleep in her DB contract kill mission? Open 1
Doing multiple follower glitch with the DB Initative and Serana? (360) Open 1
Enchanting weapons? Open 3
Entering East Empire Company Warehouse safely? Open 2
Finishing kills are gone? Open 4
Follower commands? Open 1
Frost/Fire resistance against dragons? Open 1
How did I do it? Open 2
How do u become a werewolf? Open 6
How do you do the insta-kill/cinematic kill in Skyrim (Xbox 360)? Open 1
How to fight with sword and shield? Open 1
I need a reccomended level for each quest? Open 1
Illusion assassin help? Open 3
Illusionist theif build help? Open 2
Is it possible for Dragonshouts to become more powerful? Open 1
Is potion making worth putting skills in? Open 1
Is there an infinite alchemy + enchanting loop? Open 1
Is unarmed still a useless tactic? Open 7
Is using bound weapons good? Open 2
Karstaag? Open 3
Leveling skills ? Open 3
Mage Build Help!!? Open 1
Mining question? Open 1
Nightingale boots Vs Muffle? Open 2
No very-well rested? Open 1
Nord Warrior with Two-Handed and Light Armor is a good choice? Open 3
Novice or Adept? Open 1
One Handed and Magic? Open 2
Otar or Daedric Helmet? Open 1
Question about faction quests? Open 1
Questions about Races and a Quest? Open 4
Shield and Sword or Restoration and Sword? Open 1
Should I side with the Stormcloaks or the Imperials? Open 2
Skill perks? Open 2
Skyrim Already have animal? Open 1
Storage chests? Open 2
Stuck as a vampire lord?...wth... Open 3
Thane of Morthal? Open 2
Tolfdir wont send a fire ball at me? Open 1
Vampire lord build? (skyrim) Open 1
Werewolf becoming vampire lord? Open 1
What are good areas to improve lockpicking? Open 2
What are the controls going to be like? Open 6
What does Specialty: alchemy mean? Open 1
What is a good Archer build? Open 3
What is a good Mage build? Open 3
What is the best class? Open 5
What is the best smithing strategy? Open 7
What is the best strategy for (100,000 Gold Achievment)? Open 3
What is the best strategy for (finding nirnroots)? Open 1
What is the best strategy for (Keeping the Skeleton Key)? Open 3
What is the best strategy for removing bounties after escaping from jail? Open 3
What is the best strategy for vittoria vicci? Open 1
What is the best way to silently kill a NPC? Open 1
What is the best way to start off? Decoration questions too. Open 3
What is the quickest and easiest way to make gold other than guild jobs ? Open 4
Which companion is the most durable? Open 2
Will I ever need torches/night eye/light spell? Open 4
Will the Warrior/Mage stone effect the enchant, smith, and alchemy skills? Open 2
Technical Help status answers
-Possible Spoilers- Unable to Become Thane of Riften After Civil War? Open 1
A blade in the dark, dragon is alive but wont fly? Open 1
A glitch in revealing the unseen? Open 2
A little glitchy maybe? (possible spoiler) Open 1
Aggressive Priest in DG? Open 1
Anyone else still can't load dampened spirits even after update 1.4? Open 3
Boethia's Calling Quest Bug Solution? Open 1
Breezehome upgrade glitch? Open 1
Can not report to Hadvar? Open 2
Can someone help with brynjolf? Open 2
Can you go back to previously played levels? Open 1
Can't complete Brotherhood quest? Open 2
Can't find my companion, help? Open 2
Can't go to jail? Open 2
Can't make skills legendary? Open 1
Can't play DawnGuard and DragonBorn DLCs offline? Open 1
Can't Read Disk (Constant freezing of the game, now I am unable to even start a new charachter)? Open 1
Cant get the Hags End word to show up, suggestions? Open 1
Cant hear voice in the game? Open 1
Cant start dawnguard. The dawnguard keep atacking me. How can i fix? Open 4
Cant update? Open 3
Console freezes when I try and enter Fellglow Keep...Help? Open 1
Dark brotherhood cowl? Open 2
Darkness Returns HELP?!?!? Open 1
Darkness Returns Karliah won't talk. Ideas? Open 2
Dawnguard bug? Open 1
Diplomatic Immunity help? Open 1
Display bug?,answers? Open 1
Does anyone know how to fix blue glowing eyes bug for the 360? Open 1
Does light armor still effect werewolves defense? Open 1
Dragon souls problem? Open 1
Duplicate characters? Open 1
Enchanting and smithing causes freeze when I talk to merchant? Open 1
Escaping Cidhna Mine? Open 1
Farkas Glitch? Open 1
Farkas will not leave me alone? Open 2
Fixing a follower/companion bug/glitch? Open 1
Follower stuck to me forever? Open 1
Freezing? Open 1
Glichy trouble with two different quest pleas help? Open 1
Glitch with Skooma Quest in Riften? Open 1
Having annoying glitch problems involving Meeko and Windstad Manor, need to fix it? Open 1
Hazy/Smokey graphics? Open 1
Hearthfire house? Open 1
HEARTHFIRE: Goat Horns IMPOSSIBLE to buy?!?!?! Open 2
Help please!? Open 1
Help with Alduin's Wall! glitch maybe? Open 1
Help, Why does game slow after completing Cignha mine quest and after getting items back? Open 1
How can i get the DLCs to work on the other profiles on my Xbox? Open 2
How do i avoid the forever mourning bug? Open 1
How do i become Blood kin? Open 3
How do i clear my bounty on skyrim?! Open 2
How do I fix the Peace Council glitch for Xbox360? Open 1
How do I solve (controller and remote)? Open 1
How do i transform into a werewolf? Open 2
How do you complete Waking In Nightmares? Open 1
How do you get Mirabelle Ervine off the roof of the college? Open 2
How do you get past this game ending glitch on this Dark Brotherhood quest? Open 3
I cant access my bookshelf any help ? Open 1
I cant find elisif the fair? Open 1
I cant put a perk point anywhere in the smithing tree, all other trees work fine. Any ideas why this is? Open 4
I dont have the resting bonus? Open 1
I have disease like symptoms and no disease. Is this a glitch or something I can fix? Open 2
I need help asap? xbox 360 Open 1
I suddenly am not able to sprint or sneak, why? Open 3
I'm a werewolf but I no longer have beastblood in my active effects and can now contract deises? Open 2
I'm on the Diplomatic Immunity quest and Sleeping Giants Inn Trouble? Plz help Open 1
Ice shard glitch? Open 4
Is anyone else finding the 360 version incredibly glitchy? Open 6
Is it possible to do so much in the game that you break it? Open 3
Is it possible to remove the patch? Open 3
Is my hard drive making the game not run dlc's and telling me the disc is unreadable? Open 1
Is the patch worth it???? Open 1
Is there a way to change language on Canadian version ? Open 1
Is there any ways of correcting glitchs/bugs? Open 1
Lots of files? Open 2
Mage Guild Glitch? Open 1
Major Glitch Problems on Trinity Restored! Can anyone help? Open 1
Marriage bug? Open 1
Missing Content, but it is there? Open 2
My game freezes every time I load a saved game? Open 1
Mzulft fire and ice won't move beams, PLEASE HELP? Open 2
PLEASE HELP! 360 Lag & Loading? Open 6
Quest Markers for my Miscellaneous Quests not Visible? Open 1
Quests won't progress? Open 2
Ruby Claw trouble, the rings wont move? Open 2
Saving glitch? Open 1
Serana vanished? Open 1
Stewards won't sell houses? Open 1
Test to enter Mage's College? Open 1
Text too small? Open 1
Thane in Riften? Open 2
The Black Star quest glitch? Open 1
The controls? Open 1
The thievexs guild trophy case glitch? Open 2
Theives guild quest says -13 ? Open 1
Thieves guild (the pursuit)? Open 1
Thieves guild Delvin glitch? Open 1
Third person bug in the legendary edition for PC? Open 1
Title update 9 and 10 not awailable for media id 41e445ea? Open 1
Totems of Hiricine plot flaw? Open 4
Traped in Irkngthand Slave pens? Open 1
Trouble in "I'll Met by Moonlight" ? Open 1
Using damage potion after a shout causes game freezing glitch? Open 1
Vampire Dawn guard ?? Open 2
Weapon display cases in house? Open 2
Weapon Rack in Proudspire Manor? Open 1
Weapon swing glitch? Open 3
Werewolf glitch? Open 3
What the hell is wrong with Skyrim? Open 4
Whats up with vilkas? Open 1
Where did aela go? Open 1
Where did Delphine go?! (Alduin's Wall Bug?) **Spoiler** Open 5
White Phial Quest Bug? Open 1
Why am i invisible al the time?? PLEASE ANSWER Open 1
Why can I not look left/right while walking or running? In Oblivion you could turn/look around while in motion. Open 2
Why can't I enter Castle Volkihar? Open 1
Why can't I get Married? Open 1
Why did my most of my ui dissapear? Open 1
Why do i get caught in an infinite loop? Open 2
Why do I have so many bugged Quest items that cannot be removed? Open 2
Why do I keep turning into a vampire when I'm already a werewolf? Open 3
Why do none of the NPC's talk? Open 1
Why do the Markarth guards keep arresting me? Open 7
Why does my game continuously freeze in the same spot? Open 1
Why does my game freeze at every loading screen with only mist? Open 1
Why does my game keep freezing? Open 1
Why does my hearthfire house in Falkreath keep eating my equipment? Open 1
Why does Skyrim crash when I try to start it? Open 1
Why does skyrim keep crashing? Open 4
Why does the game keep freezing whenever i pay my bounty or go to prison? Open 2
Why does the game keep glitching? Open 1
Why does the game keep not letting me complete the quest? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me "I lack the required skill to improve this item"?" Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me I cant fast travel sleep or rest? Open 4
Why don't my followers attack? Open 1
Why im i still taking lots of damage even though my armor is well over the cap? Open 1
Why is everything being replaced by exclamation points?! Open 1
why is the Aarcane enchanter? Open 1
Why is this frost bolt not melting? Open 3
Why was I diseased? Open 1
Why won't "a cornered rat" start on my game? Open 3
Why won't Farkas stop following me? Open 2
Why won't my shadow stone and shadowcloak of nocturnal work? Open 1
Why won't my shouts work? Open 2
why wont the gohst of the Nerien talk to me in under saarthal? Open 1
Windhelm house.? Open 1
Won't let me start building lakeview manor? Or mine in surrounding area? Open 1
Xbox Patch via pc? Open 1
[SPOILERS] Im on console and my game keeps freezing after the last quest of the dark brotherhood? Open 3
Other Help status answers
"Hired Muscle" problem; advise? Open 2
"Oblivion Walker" trophy help? Open 2
(Alchemy enchantment doesnt go above 28%, why?) Open 1
(Companions. Too busy???) Open 2
(create your own question)Looking for a woman named SVIDI? Open 1
(Dragon souls and words???) Open 1
(How do i know where a dragon will land?) Open 4
? Item Duplicating ? Open 1
A constant humming sound other than nirnroot? Open 1
Add ons? Open 3
Advice? Open 1
Aela doesn't use bows anymore, she just only use the dagger How can i solve it? Open 1
After Dragonborn? Open 3
Alchemy Exploit fixed even after deleting update? Open 1
Am I doing something wrong? Open 4
Another Way of Becoming A Werewolf? Open 4
Any clue ? Open 1
Any way to reset or deduct skills? Open 2
Anyone else get owned by weak spells? Open 1
Anyone have trouble with Serana as a follower? Open 1
Anyone having problems with Diamond Claw? Open 1
Anyone notice conjuration glitch when you have atronach sign ? Open 3
Are other classes beside Mage overpowered too? Open 2
Are the controls customizable for xbox 360? Open 1
Are there any vampire specific missions? Open 2
Arrow stuck in this a glitch? Has anyone else seen or heard of this? Open 9
Auriel's Bow effect on Sun??? Open 1
Bersek mode makes my weapon output go down? Open 1
Beyond Death Quest (And After) HELP?!? Open 5
Black Smithing Potions ? Open 1
Bug Thieves Guild Quest (Hard Answers)? Open 1
Caged wolf? Open 1
Can anyone help, I can't exit folgunthur? Open 1
Can i find Non armored clothing for enchantments? Open 3
Can i get a preist mask back if i didnt pick it up when i killed it? Open 1
Can I marry more than one person at a time in Skyrim? Open 2
Can I still do the Whispering Door" quest? Open 1
Can I still get oblivion walker achievement? Open 1
Can i still get the achievement for reading 50 skill books? Open 3
Can I store items in barrels? Open 1
Can I Store Items in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary? Open 3
Can the "face surgeon" in Dawnguard alter your characters weight? Open 1
Can the deadrick artifacts be upgraded passed flawless? Open 1
Can Tullius and Ulfric both be killed in the same game file? Open 1
Can u get armour for your horse? Open 1
Can you becom the Thane of Windhelm without joining Stormcloaks? Open 2
Can you become a vampire lord a second time after being cured? Open 1
Can you continue playing? Open 2
Can you free roam after beating it? Open 4
Can you remove a followers equipped item that is not listed on the menu? Open 1
Can you view character wearing armor& weapons beside thrid person? Open 3
Can your horse die? Open 3
Can't learn Clear Skies? Open 2
Can't Sleep or Wait in my own house?!? Open 1
Cannot Collect the Bounty from the Jarl's servant? Open 1
cannot enter Hags end? Open 1
Cannot start quest "The Wolf Queen awakened" can anyone help? Open 3
Cant buy destruction spells? Open 2
Castle volkihar owner? Open 1
Change the way the items are sorted? Open 1
Changing controls for XBox? Open 1
Changing nightingale powers? Open 1
Changing the Jarls? Open 4
Charater eyes.....? Open 1
Chest don't respawn/keep items, help? Open 1
Claws? Open 1
Closed for good? Open 2
Collector's edition map? Open 3
Companions quest glitch? Open 1
Conjuring weapons? Open 1
Constant humming noise? Open 1
Corrupted gold? Open 2
Dark BrotherHood error? Open 2
Darkbight Tower? Open 2
Dawnguard or DragonBorn and HearthFire? Open 1
Dawnguard Rescue Quest Help? Open 1
Dawnguard: Can I still get Durnehviir's Shout? Open 1
Decapitation animation w/o head falling off? Open 2
Decorating Hjerim either deal with blood or loose the strorage chest? Open 1
Divorce Possible In Skyrim? Open 7
Dlc??? Open 4
Do dead enemies disappear or remain indefinately? Open 1
Do enemies respawn in dungeons? Open 1
Do enemies respawn in non-cleared areas? Open 1
Do i have to have 2 double beds in my house on the heartfire dlc ? Open 1
Do item enchantments affect companions/followers? Open 2
Do not delete box and passing through walls? Open 2
Do staffs increase skills? Open 2
Does anyone else other than me have a glitch in the quest "Scoundrel's Folly"? Open 1
Does anyone want to know a funny glitch in skyrim? Open 1
Does Arnbjorn treat you differently? Open 1
Does each weapon and armour material have their own levels of quality? Open 1
DOes everything in skyrim reset? Open 1
Does Nocturnal ever call for you again after completing the Nightengale chain? Open 1
Downloadable Content?? Open 2
Downloads? Open 1
Dragon powers ? Open 3
Dragon weaponary? Open 3
Dragonborn? Open 1
Dragons? Open 2
Duplicated item? Open 2
Duplication Glitch Fixed? Open 2
Durnehviir ? Open 2
Elseweyr - A HUGE litter-box? Open 3
Enchanting cap for fortify magics(destruction, conjuration and so on)? Open 1
Everyone in skyrim trying to kill me??? Open 5
Everything is lost!? Open 1
Face issue?... =( Open 2
Fight in the Castle? Open 1
First Lessons Problem? Open 3
Forelhost? Open 2
Getting the House in Windhelm? Open 2
Giant Obnoxious Animals, Can you help? Open 2
Glitch with stormcloak quest line? Open 1
Gloombound Mine Replenishing? Open 1
Glowing shield symbol in Bleak Falls Barrow? Open 4
Good mage armor/ robes? Open 2
Greta? Open 1
Gunmar (Dawnguard) is missing? Open 1
Has anyone played skyrim for so long a hundred years has past in game? Open 1
Have you seen the "Ghost" of Skyrim? Open 7
Health, Magicka, and Stamina different colors? Open 1
Hearthfire dlc problems.........? Open 2
Hearthfire: I can't buy a horse, carriage driver, etc...? Open 1
Help with destruction ? Open 2
Help! Glitch! "May Contain Spoilers"? Open 1
Help!!! Serena has turned into a red triangle....what happened? Open 1
Help!!!!? Open 1
Hircine's Ring Can be used While a Vampire?? Open 1
Hjerim help? Open 1
Holy knight??? Open 2
House ? Open 2
House in Riften after required quest? Open 2
How can I enter Graywinter Watch? Open 1
How can I get blue journal to show up if its not there withe corpse? In the Dead Men's Respite dungeon. Open 1
How can I get remarried? Open 1
How can I get the quest to reflect completed on icon? Open 1
How can i wear a circlet and a helmet at the same time? Open 2
How can you change your name in the middle of the game? Open 1
how did I contract vampirism when im a werewolf? Open 2
How do Altmer age and why do children only take after their mothers? Open 1
How do i become a vampire? Open 3
How do I get 2 "Hidden" Room in Rannveig's Fast? Open 1
How Do I Get Married? Open 4
How do I get my favourite Steward to change location and be steward of a new house!!? Open 1
How do I get NPCs to like me? Open 2
How do I get Odahviing to fly me to the next quest? Open 1
How do I get to the cistern? Open 1
How do I hire a steward? Open 2
How do I jump to different places on the map? Open 1
How do i make bolts if Sorine is gone? Open 1
How do i solve the puzzle in Karthspire? Open 1
how do i start the Totems of Hircine quest??? Open 2
How do I upgrade nightingale armor(xbox360)? Open 2
How do u get back to normal after been bitten by a Vampire or wearwolf ? Open 3
How do you buy a house in Markarth? Open 5
How do you get an extra follower? Open 5
How do you get remarried in Skyrim for Xbox? Open 1
How do you get the house in Markarth? Open 1
How do you give followers items? Open 1
How do you max your armor rating (80% damage reduction) using the least amount of perks? Open 2
How does the extra effect perk work? Open 1
How is base enchant for items worked out? Open 2
How many house,s have secret rooms? Open 1
How many new perks can you acquire? Open 1
How many quests are there before you can get married? Open 1
How to become a Vamp Lord after killing Harkon? Open 2
How to buy a house in whiterun? Open 1
How to cure diseases ? Open 4
How to stop the constant thundering and shaking of the screen? Open 2
How would I get in to white run as a full blow vamp? Open 1
I bought the Hjerim house but the quest has not yet been finished wuunferth told me to kill the murderer what will I do? Open 1
I can't find my wife? Open 2
I can't find the Ebony Warrior? Open 1
I can't hear any dialogue in skyrim for Xbox. How do I fix this? Open 4
I can't pass Arniel's Endeavor part 3 what do i do? (Xbox360) Open 1
I can't start the Dark Brotherhood Quests. Anyone know a way around? Open 1
I cannot finish the theives' guild questline. Can anyone help? Open 2
I cannot stick to one character, need help? Open 2
I gave my companion armor and Why cant I take it back? Open 1
I got the vampire desise how i get rid of it,im getting mad when the screen flashes red? Open 4
I guess all games are different? Open 2
I had owned a dog in my breezewood house in whiterun....and now its missing? Open 3
I need help with the way of the voice? Open 1
I started the Morokai quest...? Open 2
I'm a MURDERER!?! Open 1
I'm not disease resistent? Open 1
I'm the invisible man!? Open 3
Illia casts Ice Storm? Open 1
Impatience of a saint glitch/problem? Open 2
Improving follower's armor? Open 1
In Under Saarthal Quest - Tolfdir is missing, he is nowhere in Saarthal? Open 1
In-game year disappeared? Open 1
Increasing Conjuration Skill? Open 4
Information about werewolves ? Open 2
Interactive Map? Open 1
Invisible stray dog glitch in Skyrim? Open 1
Is it possible to max out ALL the perks? Open 6
Is it possible to wear both a dress and a Heavy Chestplate? Open 1
Is it worth it? Open 1
Is nord a good race? Open 2
Is Skyrim unbalanced? Open 5
Is the girl armor going to look more girly? Open 5
Is the loot level dependent? Open 2
Is the Patch 1.9 only available on the Legdendary Edition? Open 1
Is there a fix for my spouse(Jordis The Sword-Maiden) to move into my hearthfire home? Open 1
Is there a hidden chest in markarth? Open 2
Is there a way for me to bring more people to live with me at Lakeview Manor? Open 1
Is there any house (after upgrades) that has everything? Open 1
It says that i have vampiric blood, what does this mean? Open 2
Kajiit you can marry? Open 4
Khajiit claws? Skill? Open 1
Kill them all? Open 1
Level complete? Open 1
Leveling Daedric artifects? Open 3
Locked out of the winterhold college? Open 1
Looking for Svidi? Open 1
Lookup Failed! ? Open 1
Lost Helper? Open 1
Lost item do to spell? Open 1
Lydia missing in action? Open 2
Lydia!!! Where are you?! Open 3
Magelight sometimes doesn't stick to surfaces, what's the problem? Open 1
Magic? Open 2
Main Story Glitch? Open 1
Making a follower a blade? Open 2
Malachite? Open 1
Marriage problem? Open 1
Marriage problem? (Sylgja) Open 2
Marrying Cynric Endell? Open 2
Maven Black Briar doesn't give title of Thane? Open 1
Max Carry Weight bug? Open 1
Mist? Open 1
Money ? Open 4
My character is a Vampire. But he does't shows Vampire features. Only red eyes. is that a bug? Open 3
My perk doesn't work!!? Open 2
My Pilgrims Path quest glitches can I fix this? Open 1
need a LOT of smithing help , please? Open 4
Need help finding Serena? Open 1
New Skyrim Character? Open 2
No more minor and mayor skills in Skyrim? Open 2
Noob question about party members? Open 1
Npcs pick up items? Open 1
Odahviing won't show up (end of main quest)? Open 2
One-hand stuck on 25???? Open 2
Only one enchantment? Open 2
Ore respawn question did i glitch? Open 1
Ore veins not reseting, please helpp???? Open 2
Paarthurnax mission? Open 4
Patch? Open 1
People Respawning? Open 1
Pinemoon Cave Location? Open 1
Pink Portals inside Soul Cairn aren't Working? Open 1
Please Help ? Open 2
Please help me?!?! Under Saarthal Open 2
Please read and help!!? Open 1
Poison Resistance? Open 2
Portal from Twilight Sepulcher to Nightingale Hall? Open 1
Possible a hidden infamy/evil score? Open 1
Problem with Windhelm house? Open 2
Quest rewards? Open 1
Question about the Thieves Guild [SPOILER]? Open 1
Quests:"season unending" and "the fallen" lag? Open 2
Quick-menu for inventory? Open 4
Redguards? Open 1
Screenshots??? Open 1
Shadowmere troubles? Open 3
Shadowsmere keeps dying? Open 1
Skill Reduction? Open 3
Skill trainers and max levels trained at this level?? Open 2
Skyrim 1.8 patch fixes alchemy exploit even after deleting the title update? Open 2
Skyrim Companion glitch? etc Open 2
Skyrim Invisible Follower Glitch (360)? Open 1
Skyrim Location? Open 1
Skyrim Miscellaneous Quest Help? Open 2
Skyrim Sea Creature? (someone please explain this pic) Open 1
Skyrim Spell Cost Reduction? Open 1
Smithing help? Open 4
Smithing Levels? Open 2
Smithing problem? Open 1
Soul Tear Glitch? Shout does NO Damage, acts as low lvl UnRelenting Force. Help!!!! Open 1
Special magic? Open 1
speedy Leveling of skills? Open 2
Spells? Open 3
Spouse help? Open 1
Starting a new? Open 2
Steam glitch? Open 1
Still can't find Lydia? Open 1
Storm cloaks ? Open 2
Stormcloak or Imperial? Open 6
Stormcloaks vs Imperials? Open 2
Summmoning infinite werewolves...? Open 1
Symbol? Open 1
Talking to Faralda? Open 1
Temba Wide Arms quest glitch? Open 1
TES5: Skyrim (Legendary Edition), PS3 or 360 ? Open 1
Thalmor embassy.Forgot 2 masks I smuggled in, how do I get them back? Open 5
Thane of Riften? Open 2
The man named rune from the thiefs guild story? Open 3
The wabbajack is useless on Aela? Open 2
Theives Guild ? Open 1
Thieves guild questline: hard answers glitch? Open 2
Thieves Guild removing bounty? Open 3
This voice sounds REAL familiar LOL is it just me? Open 3
Tolfdir seems to have disappeared? Open 1
Trouble becoming a vampire? Open 1
Unable to obtain house in Solitude? Open 1
Under saarthal quest- cant get through door? Open 2
Vampire Blood Thirst? Open 2
Vampire Hostility? Open 3
Vampire Level 4 cant cure it? Open 4
Vampire lord and Werewolf w/ normal perks? Open 3
Vampire lord problem?! Open 2
Vampire? Open 1
Vampires cures how to? Open 2
Vampirice thirst problems? Open 2
Vilkas bug? Open 1
Viola Giordano Dead? Open 1
Were is hjaalmarch located? Open 1
Werewolf healing? Open 4
Werewolf or Vampire Lord Choice? Open 2
Werewolf problems? Open 2
What are the locations of ALL the Daedric weapons? Open 1
What are the possible recipes for the Atronach Forge? Open 2
What can I do when I killed Njada before the Blood's Honor quest? Open 1
What do I have to do in order to purchase a house in Windhelm and Riften? Open 1
What do you think or want in skyrim colectors edition? Open 9
What exactly are these "Exploits"? Open 1
What is the perk to sell ANY items to anyone? Open 2
What is the point of marrying in this game? Open 3
What is this talk about there being a fiji mermaid? Open 1
What level does high ranking enemys start appearing? Open 1
What reduces your one-handed skill from 87 to 15? Open 1
What shopkeepers can u marry? Open 1
What's the best food in Sky-rim? Open 4
What's the difference between blood dragons and dragons? Open 3
What's the name and location of the item in that picture of the rouge archetype via guid book? Open 1
Whats better: Werewolf or vampire? Open 4
When wiil it come to xbox demand? Open 2
Where can i find a hostile vampire? Open 4
Where can i find dwarfen ruins? Open 2
Where can I find Goldir? Open 1
Where can i find the steward in whiterun? Open 3
Where Can I Get More Gold? Open 1
Where can you buy a house in Whiterun? Open 3
Where did Serena go!? Open 1
Where is aela ? Open 1
Where is Aela? I married her and she said she is going to our house, which is her house, and I don't know where that is Open 4
Where is my wife Muiri? Open 1
Where is my wife? Open 1
Where is Olfina Grey-Mane?? Open 1
Where is the Jarl of Markath? Open 1
Where to find a dremora markynaz? Open 1
Where TO FIND A WOOD ELF? Open 3
Where would b the best place to sell your items? Open 2
Where's my wife/follower? Open 3
Wheres the assassin's guild? Open 4
Which class is better? Open 3
While in the shroud hearth barrow game freezing? Open 1
Who can you marrie? Open 1
Why am I being attacked on sight as a vampire lord? Open 1
Why am I getting attacked in Riverwood? Open 2
Why can i go into Breezehome in Skyrim when i didn't buy it yet? Open 1
Why can't I find my first game account? Open 1
Why can't I leave Vahlok? Open 1
Why can't I pay my bounty? Open 2
Why can't I speak to Rikke? Open 1
Why do I not get the option of steward dialogue with Lydia anymore? Open 3
Why does my game keep crashing? *slight spoilers* Open 1
Why does the Wildlife want me dead? Open 1
Why don't bodies vanish? Open 1
Why is it so good? Open 6
Why is my xbox kept saying "Can't read disc", solution ? Open 2
Why is there a wolf following me? Open 4
Why isn't Mjoll following me? Open 2
Why isn't the Advanced Armors perk working? Open 1
Why won't my Shouts unlock? Open 2
Why wont my mage companion (got from Azura quest completion} wear any mage armor now? Open 3
Wierd dragon burial ground thing? Open 2
Will pickpocketing an NPC's key cause any problems? Open 1
Will there be companions? Open 6
Windhelm House - Jorleif is busy? Open 1
Windstad Manor storage items disappear? Resolved Open 1
{Xbox 360} Skyrim Mods? Open 1

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