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One step forward, two steps back.Ajd_King5/10
The Dangerous, Beautiful World of SkyrimChemicalReaper10/10
A really mixed review from a player with mixed feelings...twwoodard7/10
One of the few games released this generation that will still be talked about fifteen years from nowBigReed10/10
Out of Oblivion and into Skyrim: Elder Scrolls continues to amaze!bigtmor69/10
The Lesser of Two Evils (A Technical Comparison)BloodGod659/10
You Make Me Want to Shout!DandyQuackShot9/10
Skyrim has become the new standard that all future open-world games need to look at and try to surpassDemigod_Tyek10/10
Does Skyrim live up to the hype? Detailed Answers here.Flare_Dragon12310/10
Skyrim is an excellent game which proudly carries on the Elder Scrolls name.Gary28/10
Sky's the limithorror_spooky10/10
Obsessional Gaming at its Very BestJMR19049/10
Excellent addition To the Elder Scrolls Series, only a few flaws keep it from perfect funkael_durandel9/10
A really good game spoilt by some really annoying flawslighty6919/10
Great World, but too many flaws to be perfectMattvento9/10
All that glitters is not goldnastynate31188/10
Skyrim is a phenomenal game, marred by an aging combat system and lackluster storyRaganork108/10
Someone's been murdered! Who? Any RPG released in the next year.RPG_Guru8710/10
Bethesda knows hot to keep a series going. It's more than just dragons.TKDBoy188910/10
Why is there so much to do?!unclehosh10/10
Bethesda outdoes themselves, delivering a roleplaying masterpiece of unparalleled detail.Vamphaery9/10
A strong title in a strong series.Zerothma9/10

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