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How do I beat Alex mercer?

I dont know how

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misterBanx answered:

This fight has several rounds where you need to beat him down, then he'll change his mutant power and replenish his health bar. You will replenish some health as well, but on higher difficulties you will recover less.

Do not attack with the same mutation that he has equipped... he was a special retaliation attack when you do that it and does a lot of damage.

Mercer has several different modes of attack:
- Blade: darts across ground at you
- WhipFist: stabs you and pulls you in to his other fist to punch you
- HammerFist: swings at you when you're near and jumps and tries to land on you when you're far
- HammerFist Stomp: stamps his foot and the HammerFist Shockwave goes out across the floor at you

- Swarm Pack: swarm of mutant birds swoop down at you - defend with Devastator
- Helicopter toss: Mercer uses WhipFist to grab and throw a helicopter at you - dodge out of the way

To defend Mercer's:
- Blade: Dodge or Shield
- WhipFist: Shield
- HammerFist: Dodge
- HammerFist Stomp: Dodge

Learn to read his moves, follow the instructions for button presses on the screen and make liberal use of Shield and Shield Bash to defend yourself and get some shots in while he's stunned.
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Frontalb answered:

Attack him with something other that the mutation he is using. Then follow the button presses displayed on screen. Keep doing this as he cycles through mutations. After each stage (mutation) both of your health bars will be refilled.

Keep doing it and eventually he will fall.
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rayn3000 answered:

Make sure to use the Tendrils as much as you can. Its the one power Mercer doesnt have so he cant retaliate and Black Hole will temporarily immobilize him for another hit
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sixthsage answered:

Another method, and one that always works for me, even on insane difficulty, is to equip the Hammerfist
and repeatedly jump and charge the attack, he can't block it. Also, when he's using the hammerfist, just switch to the whipfist and keep it up, he can't stop them at all and has very few attacks that hit you in the
air unless he's using the whipfist.
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