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Excessive Force dlc skins help?

I haven't bought this game yet but I have seen all the Excessive Force skins and I was wondering if I could use them in the main game because I prefer Alex Mercer better than James Heller. So do these skins work outside of the Excessive Force dlc?

Demon-speeding provided additional details:

I said the wrong skin sorry I meant Zombie Mercer, I'll be able to use him in the free roam and missions? I don't mind about the cutscenes and voices. Thank you

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rincewind1990 answered:

Yea all the skins work in the same way as far as i know.
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rincewind1990 answered:

Alex mercer is not an Excessive Force dlc skin. You get him from completing all the Radnet challenges and events. To access the radnet stuff you need to enter the code on the back of the manual when you get the game.

As for playing as him once you've unlocked him you can select him from the rewards part of the radnet menu and you will run around as him during missions and free roam.

Just one thing to bear in mind is that the Mercer skin is purely cosmetic. It's still Hellers voice, Hellers grunts and Heller in the cutscenes.
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