Question from Sandvich123

Prototype 1 or 2?

I've played Prototype at my friends house, and i thought it was amazing. My question is, should i get Prototype or Prototype 2?


salyex619 answered:

I prefer Prototype 2 as you can play as both characters(Alex Mercer and James Heller)and you can fight and defeat the greatest prototype Alex Mercer and become the best.
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theDAWG49 answered:

P2 by far better story, more challenging, better powers and best of all.........funny computer rage (if u don't get it look it up it's in a story mission)
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burnouttrainer answered:

I don't think you should play Prototype 2 without beating 1, cause you'll miss out on a LOT, and I mean A LOT of the story.
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