Question from obaerga

Will this be a real multiplayer rpg for 360?

I mean will it be able to handle my character & my friends character with our own stats instead of a preselected character that can-not level up or such nonsense


jedidave answered:

From what I've seen it is another diablo clone
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Bowlgnasandwich answered:

Yes. You will keep your own loot and experience if you join a friend to play online. Though I am unsure if it will allow multiple of the same character.
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Silver803 answered:

Yes, you can even use the same character (two halfing mages b.e) the enemies scale depending on all players levels and drops as well. any character you level up in single player can be used in MP as well with your friend and their own things.
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drifttheoryDNB answered:

The level up system is works very well at letting you customize how you want to play. Each time you level up you are given 2 points to buy new abilities, 2 points to spend on stats, and 1 point to spend on a "perk" like melee attack power drawing from intelligence instead of strength. Turn a mage into a tank.
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