Question from KttanBachika

How do I beat the last boss?

On the last guy I beat him then after it showed the cutscene I was at the beginning of the level?

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Boseiju answered:

That was one of the many bugs still in the game. You'll just have to reload a save and try again. Hopefully, a patch will come soon to rectify this issue.
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voyagermf answered:

There's three parts to it. First part is just fighting the guy normally. Part 2 you have to attack the dragon's feet then head and when he fly's up you have to try to run up to the guy behind where the dragon's tail was and press Y before the dragon returns. If you don't get to him, you have to start the dragon part over. After a quick clip, you end up on the dragon's back and press and button prompts that come up and watch for him to breath fire, when he's about to you have to switch to the other side of his body through a hole in his spinal ridges. When you get to his head watch for button prompts and you have it.
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SSJ3Monkey answered:

I don't even get through the cutscene conversation before it reloads the level. Rezlus starts a sentence, and then I get a load screen interrupting him, and I'm back at the portal I started from. It's happened to Me 3 times now.
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drifttheoryDNB answered:

Easy fix. Run through the final section in co-op. If you dont have any friends with the game just run an open lobby and sit outside the final fight until someone joins in. I couldnt finish it in single player because the dragon was invisible. Works "fine" in co-op. The game is a total glitchfest.
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