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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nyiaor2

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                           Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale
                                  FAQ / Walkthrough
                                     version 1.1
                                    June 13, 2011
    Revision History
    	August 13, 2011   v 1.1       Updated boss fights
                                        Add some basic maps
                                        Expanded class info
                                        Added item info
    	June 3, 2011	v1.0        Complete walkthrough, basic information
    	dndd-class	      Basic Class Info
          dndd-cleric       Cleric information
          dndd-fighter      Fighter information
          dndd-rogue        Rogue information
          dndd-wizard       Wizard information
    	dndd-walk	Walkthrough
    	dndd-00	Tutorial
    	dndd-01	Chapter One: Ruins of Tethyamar
    	dndd-02     Chapter Two: The Depths
    	dndd-03     Chapter Three: The Mouth of the Void
    	dndd-04     Chapter Four: Altar of Bane
    	dndd-items        Item information
          dndd-pots         Potions
          dndd-armor        Basic Armor
          dndd-weapons      Basic Weapons
          dndd-unique-w     Unique Weapons
          dndd-unique-a     Unique Armor
          dndd-unique-j     Unique Jewelry
          dndd-affixes      Prefixes and Suffixes
    	There are four non-customizable characters available:
    		Halfing Wizard
    		Elven Rogue
    		Human Fighter
    		Dwarven Cleric
    	Only the Elven Rogue is female
    Level   XP TNL   | Power | Ability | Feats 1 | Feats 2
    L01 ...       0  |  2/3  |         |   1/2   |    1
    L02 ...  10,000  |  +2   |  +2     |    +1   |   +1
    L03 ...  40,000  |  +2   |         |    +1   |
    L04 ...  80,000  |  +2   |  +2     |    +1   |   +1
    L05 ... 135,000  |  +2   |         |    +1   |
    L06 ... 200,000  |  +2   |  +2     |    +1   |   +1
    L07 ... 285,000  |  +2   |         |    +1   |
    L08 ... 400,000  |  +2   |  +2     |    +1   |   +1
    L09 ... 550,000  |  +2   |         |    +1   |
    L10 ... 700,000  |  +2   |  +2     |    +1   |   +1
          Fighters start with 3 Power and 2 Feat
          Fighters and Rogue get +1 Feat per level (Feats 1)
          Clerics and Wizards get +1 Feat every even numbered level (Feats 2)
          STAT TABLE
    Stat         | WIZARD | ROGUE  | FIGHTER | CLERIC |
    Strength ... |   10   |   14   |   *18*  |   15   | Melee attacks
    Constitution |   10   |   14   |    15   |   15   | Hit points
    Dexterity .. |   15   |  *18*  |    14   |   12   | Ranged attacks
    Intelligence |  *18*  |   10   |     9   |    9   | Wizard arcane spell damage
    Wisdom ..... |   11   |   11   |    10   |  *18*  | Cleric divine spell damage
    Charisma ... |   12   |	  12   |	10   |   10   | Shop prices
    HP/Level ... |  +11?  |  +14?  |   +20?  |  +16?  |
    Base AC .... |   10   |   10   |    10   |   10   |
    Base MD .... |   12   |   10   |    11   |   10   |
    AC = Base + 1/2 player level + armor + shield  (chain or scale)
    AC = Base+ 1/2 player level + DEX or INT + armor + shield  (cloth/leather/hide)
    MD = Base + 1/2 player level + INT or WIS (whichever is higher)
    Equipment       | WIZARD | ROGUE  | FIGHTER | CLERIC |
    Cloth Armor ... |    Y   |   Y    |    Y    |    Y   | Armor
    Leather Armor . |    -   |   Y    |    Y    |    Y   |
    Hide Armor .... |    -   |   -    |    Y    |    Y   |
    Chainmail Armor |    -   |   -    |    Y    |    Y   |
    Scale Armor ... |    -   |   -    |    Y    |    -   |
    Light Shield .. |    -   |   a    |    Y    |    Y   | Shields
    Heavy Shield .. |    -   |   a    |    Y    |    a   |
    Bow ........... |    a   |   Y    |    a    |    a   | Ranged
    Crossbow ...... |    a   |   Y    |    Y    |    Y   |
    Thrown Weapon . |    a   |   Y    |    Y    |    Y   |
    1-H Blade ..... |    a   |   Y    |    Y    |    a   | Melee
    2-H Blade ..... |    a   |   a    |    Y    |    a   |
    Blunt Weapon .. |    a   |   a    |    a    |    Y   |
    Axes .......... |    a   |   a    |    Y    |    a   |
    Quarterstaves . |    Y   |   -    |    -    |    -   | Wizard Only
    Dagger ........ |    Y   |   -    |    -    |    -   |
    Throwing Dagger |    Y   |   -    |    -    |    -   |
    	[Y] = starting skill
    	[a] = available through Feats
    	[-] = not available	
          15% more hit points per level, recommended for all classes
    Far Shot (DEX 13)
          Bow or Crossbow range increases by 20%
          Essential for Rogues
    Far Throw (STR 13)
          Range of Thrown Weapons increases by 20%
    Hammering Iron (Blunt Weapon Proficiency)
          Adds Knockback to blunt weapon hits
          Good for Clerics
    Melee Training (DEX/CON/WIS/CHA)
          Basic melee attacks replaces Strength with DEX/CON/WIS/CHA
          Recommended for all classes except Fighters
    Weapon Proficiency
          Ability to use weapon type / shield type
          Light Shield = Rogue
          Heavy Shield = Rogue, Cleric
          Bow = Wizard, Fighter, Cleric
          Crossbow = Wizard
          Thrown Weapon = Wizard
          1-handed Blade = Wizard, Cleric
          2-handed Blade = Wizard, Rogue, Cleric
          Blunt Weapon = Wizard, Rogue, Fighter
          Axes = Wizard, Rogue, Cleric
                For Clerics, get Dwarven Weapon Training instead of Axe Proficiency
    Weapon Focus (Weapon Proficiency)
          +1 damage with weapon type
    Weapon Expertise (Weapon Proficiency)
          +1 attack with weapon type
    The Dwarven Cleric is very much a Battle Priest type with good melee
    capabilities and offensive spells. Can easily get swarmed by ranged attackers.
    Shield of the Gods is worth maxing. Daunting Light is a weaker spell, but good
    against enemies that are weak vs Radiant like Undead. Consecrated Ground needs
    level 2 to get the weak HoT. Bolts of Warding does minor AOE damage on nearby
    enemies if you land a hit.
          Primary Ability: Wisdom
                Healing Word [SPACEBAR] - Group heal, +25 HP, heals more with level
                      Level 1 ... +25hp       Level 6 ... +44hp
                      Level 2 ... +31hp       Level 7 ... +47hp
                      Level 3 ... +34hp       Level 8 ... +50hp
                      Level 4 ... +37hp       Level 9 ... +53hp
                      Level 5 ... +40hp       Level 10 .. +57hp
                Stand Your Ground - Harder to Knockback, Knockdown
                Cast Iron Stomach - Gain +5 bonus to saving throws vs poison
          CLASS FEATS
                Dwarven Weapon Training - Axe Proficiency and +2 axe/blunt damage
                Dwarven Battle Priest - Gain bonus hit points with Healing Word
                Shielding Word - Temporary +2 bonus to AC and MD with Healing Word
                L01 Shield of the Gods
                      AOE + Knockback I and +2 AC/MD
                      AOE + Knockback II and +3 AC/MD
                      AOE + Knockback III and +4 AC/MD
                L01 Daunting Light
                      Ranged Radiant damage
                      + Weaken I
                      + Weaken II
                L03 Consecrated Ground
                      Ally HoT of 8hp and Weaken I
                      Ally HoT of 10hp and Weaken II + DoT of 5hp
                      Ally HoT of 12hp and Weaken II + DoT of 10hp
                L05 Bolts of Warding
                      Lightning damage + 4 lightning damage near Allies
                      + Stun I + 6 lightning damage near Allies
                      + Stun II + 10 lightning damage near Allies
                L07 Brilliant Censure
                      Blind II and +3 Radiant damage
                      Blind III and +4 Radiant damage + 4 AC
                      Blind III and +5 Radiant damage + 4 AC + 4 MD
                L09 Necrotic Transference
                      Necrotic damage + Weaken I + Allies recover 100% dmg as HP
                      + Weaken II + Allies recover 150% of damage dealt as HP
                      + Weaken II + Allies recover 200% of damage dealt as HP
                [x] Cloth Armor         [ ] Bow
                [x] Leather Armor       [x] Crossbow
                [x] Hide Armor          [x] Thrown Weapon
                [x] Chainmail           [ ] 1-handed blade
                [x] Light Shield        [ ] 2-handed blade
                [ ] Heavy Shield        [x] Blunt
                                        [ ] Axes
    The Human Fighter can be a Tank with the Battle Stance power. Block doesn't
    require a shield as you can block with a weapon. It is better to concentrate on
    getting more Attack vs more Damage. You need to be able to hit higher level
          Primary Stat: Strength
                Block [SPACEBAR] - Reduce enemy damage
                Bonus Feat and Power - Extra Feat and extra Power at level 1
                Fighter Weapon Talent - +1 attack roll with melee? weapons
                Human Defense Bonus - Gain +1 to Magical Defense
          CLASS FEATS
                Versatile Talent - Gain +1 bonus to attack rolls
                Fighter Weapon Specialization - Gain +1 damage with 1-handed
                Deep Gash - Enemies get -2 penalty to saving throws vs ongoing dmg
          All Powers do Melee Weapon damage
                L01 Shield Bash
                      Knockback I
                      Knockback II
                      Knockback III
                L01 Knee Breaker
                      Slow I
                      Slow II + Weaken I
                      Immobilize I
                L01 Battle Stance
                      +2 AC, attack speed reduced
                      Knockdown immunity + less Knockback
                      +4 Melee damage and -2 AC when below 50% health
                L03 Bladestorm
                      Short range AOE melee weapon attack
                      + Knockback I
                      + Knockback II
                L05 Terrifying Impact
                      + AOE Fear I
                      + AOE Fear II + Allies get +3 attack
                      + AOE Fear III + Allies get +5 attack
                L07 Victorious Surge
    15% of damage dealt is recovered as HP
    25% of damage dealt is recovered as HP + removes a negative status effect
    35% of damage dealt heals user + removes all negative status effects
                L09 Boulder Charge
                      Linear AOE attack + Knockback I
                      + Knockback II
                      + Knockback III
                [x] Cloth Armor         [ ] Bow
                [x] Leather Armor       [x] Crossbow
                [x] Hide Armor          [x] Thrown Weapon
                [x] Chainmail           [x] 1-handed blade
                [x] Scale Armor         [x] 2-handed blade
                [x] Light Shield        [ ] Blunt
                [x] Heavy Shield        [x] Axes
    The Elven Rogue with a Bow is an easy class to play and easiest to solo. Get
    Far Shot, Treetop Sniper, and Backstabber early to become a deadly ranged
    assassin. Keep an item that adds Cold damage so you can Slow enemies. Blinding
    Barrage and Raise the Stakes should be maxed. Burst Fire is pretty useless as
    the AOE damage is spread out too much to be deadly.
          Primary Stat: Dexterity
                Rogue Dodge [SPACEBAR] - do a barrel roll!
                Sneak Attack - Bonus 2-12 damage with Crossbow/1H Blade
                Elven Accuracy - Automatically re-roll an attack miss
          CLASS FEATS
                Treetop Sniper - perform a Sneak Attack with a Bow
                Backstabber - Sneak Attack damage increases to 2-16
                Elven Precision - Elven Accuracy gets +2 bonus to attack re-roll
          All Powers do Ranged Weapon damage
                L01 Blinding Barrage
                      AOE attack + Blind I
                      + Blind II + increased attack arc
                      + Blind III + increased attack arc
                L01 Compel the Craven
                      + Fear I
                      + Fear II and enemy suffers -2 Attack
                      + Fear II and enemy suffers -2 AC and -2 MD
                L04 Piercing Shot
                      Linear AOE attack, very weak
                L05 Raise the Stakes (Stance)
                      Crit on 19-20, reduced movement speed, -2 Defense
                      Crit on 18-20,
                      Crit on 17-20, -4 Defense
                L07 Burst Fire
                      Weak AOE attack
                      Weak AOE attack
                      Weak AOE attack + Slow I
                L09 Arterial Slice
                      + Bleed II (ongoing damage)
                      + Bleed II + Weaken II
                      + Bleed III and Slow III
                [x] Cloth Armor         [x] Bow
                [x] Leather Armor       [x] Crossbow
                [ ] Light Shield        [x] Thrown Weapon
                [ ] Heavy Shield        [x] 1-handed blade
                                        [ ] 2-handed blade
                                        [ ] Blunt
                                        [ ] Axes
    The Halfing Wizard is a little bit harder to solo due to low AC. Use Teleport
    a lot to stay out of trouble. Get Far Spell early so you can keep your distance
    from melee attackers. Get Melee Training (INT) early as you will end up melee
          Primary Stat: Intelligence
                Teleport [SPACEBAR]
                Staff of Defense - Gain +2 AC
                Second Chance - Enemies automatically re-roll hits
          CLASS FEATS
                Immolate the Masses - Gain +2 hit points per kill with a spell
                Halfing Agility - Second Chance re-roll gains -2 penalty
                Far Spell - Range of spells increases by 20%
          All Powers do Arcane damage
                L01 Magic Missile
                      Force damage
                      2 missiles + Knockback I
                      4 missiles + Knockback II
                L01 Fireball
                      Arcane Fire damage + Fire I (ongoing damage)
                      + AOE + Fire II
                      + AOE + Fire III
                L03 Spray of Enfeeblement
                      Necrotic damage
                      + Weaken I
                      + Weaken II
                L05 Ice Storm
                      Arcane Cold damage + Slow I
                      + Slow II
                      + Immobilize II
                L07 Lightning Serpent
                      AOE Lightning damage + Slow II
                      + Stun I
                      + Stun II
                L09 Animated Dead
                      Raise 2 fallen enemies at 50% health for 20 seconds
                      Raise 3 fallen enemies at 75% health for 30 seconds
                      Raise 4 fallen enemies at 100% health for 40 seconds
                [x] Cloth Armor         [ ] Bow
                [x] Daggers             [ ] Crossbow
                [x] Throwing Daggers    [ ] Thrown Weapon
                [x] Quarterstaves       [ ] 1-handed blade
                                        [ ] 2-handed blade
                                        [ ] Blunt
                                        [ ] Axes
          Daggers are a sub-category of 1-handed Blades
          Throwing Daggers are either light throwing weapons or a sub-category
                of light Throwing Weapons
    		Tutorial: The Unknown
    Follow the path. Break open the STORAGE BARRELS for random items. Use the lever
    to open the door.
          !Quest A Hero's Duty: Save the Dwarf worker
    Kill the goblins to save the dwarf worker.
          !Quest A Chance Meeting
    Save All the Dwarves 0/3.
    Pick up any loot. Go down the path between the the statues. Kill the goblins to
    save the first dwarf. Take the path on the left by the blue banner. At the end
    of the path is a CHEST. Backtrack and head toward the blue and green banners.
    Some crafty goblins take out some dwarves using flaming barrels. Go up and save
    the second dwarf. Turn around and open the CHEST. Go back down the path to pick
    up any loot. Return to the second dwarf and go past him and cross the wooden
    bridge. Take out the last group of goblins to save the third dwarf.
    	REWARD: 750xp, 25 gold, Khopesh (1H Axe)
    Loot the items in the area including a CHEST by the door. Go down the wooden
    ramp near the chest and jump down. Loot the storage barrels and CHEST. Jump
    down again. Talk to Daveak Ogrecrush to begin the next quest.
          !Quest The Unknown
    Go and talk to the Merchant. You can buy and sell. Go back and talk to the Mine
    Worker. Travel down the path. The tunnel collapses behind you. Take the wooden
    path on the left to a CHEST. Continue down the path to the goblin camp. Kill
    the goblins. Free the three dwarves in the cages. Loot all the items in the
    area. Follow the yellow arrow on the minimap and cross the bridge. A stray
    goblin sets fire to the bridge behind you. Defeat the goblins. Loot the items.
    Open the gate to the portal using the lever. Watch the exciting cut scene to
    end the chapter.
                           /     East Worker's
    Granstone --- Mines of           Camp
      $    +      Tethyamar           $|
                        |   \__________|___________ Grand
                      Ayer     $  |         |       Gates
                      Shaft       |         |
                                 Ayer     Nobleton
                                 Mine      Shaft
          Ayer Shaft aka Paxton Shaft
    Unique Items Available
          1,055 gold   Uthgardt Barbarian Shield (Light Shield)
    	  985 gold   Ravenscar's Old Leather Helm
    	1,235 gold   Bloodstained Aketon (Cloth Armor)
    	2,755 gold   Eartheart Helm
    	5,460 gold   Hammergate Chainmail
    Mines of Tethymar
    	  845 gold   Westgate Khopesh
    	  730 gold   Harper Quarterstaff
    	2,165 gold   Battlehammer Crossbow
    	2,435 gold   Chult Wood Shield (Light Shield)
    	1,320 gold   Stormspawn Ring
    	2,815 gold   Fire Opal Torque (Amulet)
    East Worker's Camp
          915 gold   Luskan Crossbow
        1,150 gold   The Wanderer's Battleaxe
        1,380 gold   Shortsword of Evereska
        1,690 gold   Shortbow of Deepingdale
        3,265 gold   Warhammer of Mithril Hall (1HB)
    Goblin Cutter
    Goblin Sharpshooter, L-1
    Goblin Hexer
    Goblin Blackblade
    Decrepit Skeleton, L-1 Minion
    Skeleton Captain Level-1 Elite Soldier
    Skeleton L+1 Soldier
    Blazing Skeleton, Artillery
          !Quest Rift in the Ruins
    Talk to Garbo Silvertongue and accept the quest. Run around and loot. There are
    two CHESTS and an Armor Merchant. Talk to Master Paxton, found by going up the
    stairs. Follow the gold arrow and talk to Union Leader Esar. Follow the minimap
    arrow and open the gates to the mine. Straight ahead you can find the Dwarven
    Cooper and a CHEST.
    There are 5 sub-areas in the mine. Check out the first area to the northeast
    for 2 Goblin Mine Shafts. Go back to the main intersection and go down the
    southwest passage where there are three Goblin Mine Shafts. Ignore the Merchant
    in the southwest passage for now. The other three Goblin Mine Shafts are past
    the north door. Return to Granstone and talk to Union Leader Esar once all 8
    mine shafts have been destroyed.
          REWARDS: 1500xp, 200 gold, and items?
    You should get to level 2 by completing Rift in the Ruins or early during the
    Lucky Anvil quest. You may want to hunt to get to level 2 before doing the
    Lucky Anvil quest.
          !Side Quest Lucky Anvil
    Talk to Rheda Slatehelm in front of the Armor Merchant in Granstone. Exit
    Granstone to begin the ESCORT MISSION. Head into the main southeast tunnel, go
    past the merchant, and open the door to the south. Fight your way to the Lucky
    Anvil. Light the four firepits so Rheda can do his blacksmithing. Hold off the
    three waves of goblins so Rheda can do his work. Escort Rheda back to the town
    	REWARD: 1500xp and 250 gold, Longsword
          !Quest Tools of the Trade
    Talk to Master Paxton to begin the quest. Talk to Master Ayer. Head out to the
    mines and take the first door to the south to Ayer Shaft. Fight your way to the
    central pit and pick up the Gear Key. Follow the arrow on the minimap and give
    the Gear Key to Union Leader Esar. Next, find the Oxenmoor in Nobleton Shaft.
    Go to the southeast passage and go through the southwest door. The Oxenmoor is
    tucked away in the south. Return to Granstone and give the Oxenmoor to Master
    	REWARD: 1500xp and 250 gold
    You should be close to level 3 at this point.
          !Quest Mine Rescue
    Talk to Union Leader Esar to start the quest. Go down the southeast passage and
    go through the southeast door, the second door to the south. Talk to the
    Injured Worker. Head down the path marked by the hanging lanterns. The Lost Axe
    can be found by a green banner and two CHESTS. The Lost Helmet can be found in
    the southeast dead end. The Lost Tool can be found by two CHESTS in the
    southwest dead end. Talk to the Injured Worker. Escort the Injured Worker to
    the camp. Go back to the southeast tunnel and go through the north door. Talk
    to Union Leader Esar.
    	REWARD: 1500xp and 300 gold
          !Side Quest Burnin' Down the House
    Talk to Hirron Gravelvein by the Dwarven Cleric in Granstone. Exit Granstone
    and go down the southeast tunnel. Take the first lever-door on the left/north.
    Kill the 10 Crazed Dwarfs in the area. Go back and talk to Gravelvein.
    	REWARD: 1500xp and 250 gold
    If you do some heavy duty mob farming during Dirty Deeds, you can get about 30%
    of the way into level 4 before the final quest.
          !Quest Dirty Deeds
    Talk to Mast Paxton by the Dwarven Cleric. Kill the Crazed Dwarf attacking the
    guards right outside Granstone. Go through the north gate and talk to Master
    Ayer. Go back through the gate and go south and enter Paxton Shaft. Destroy the
    Contaminated Water Barrels. Exit the area and go down the southeast tunnel. Go
    through the southeast door to Nobleton Shaft. Destroy the second set of
    Contaminated Water Barrels. Kill the Zhent Black Hand Soldier. Pick up the
    Water Satchel Filled with Grey Powder. Talk to Master Ayer. Open wide for some
    	REWARD: 1500xp and 350 gold
    Prepare for the last quest. Buy the best equipment you can afford from the
    three available merchants. Get as many Healing Potions as possible. Visit the
    Dwarven Cleric in Granstone and get to full health. If possible, look for
    equipment that gives you cold damage as the cold/slow will be helpful in the
    next quest. Ongoing damage (ongoing fire, poison, bleeding) is also helpful.
    You should be about 75% of the way to level 4 during a casual/speed run. You
    can complete the last quest at level 3.
          !Quest Nasty Surprise
    Enter Granstone and talk to Master Paxton and accept the quest. Talk to Master
    Paxton outside the Grand Gates. Goblins and Zhents break through. Five Elite
    Goblin Brutes begin pushing a ballista to the gates of Granstone. You have to
    stop the ballista by killing the 5 Elite Goblin Brutes before the ballista gets
    to the Granstone while fighting off the waves of enemies. Concentrate on the
    brutes pushing the ballista and keep chugging health potions. The ballista
    stops at 700 meters, 500 meters, and probably at 300 meters and 100 meters.
    	REWARD: 2000xp and 500 gold
    Open the special CHEST for some nice loot, including Bouldershoulder's Dwarven
    Bow, a unique heavy throwing weapon. Exit through the Grand Gates to end the
                    Goblin            Tower Crypt
                     Area  \           |
                   /        \          G
                  G          G         |                      Red Seal
         +       /            \_______ Phaerlock Area          /
    Starting Area                                   \_G__ $ __S_______Skull
        $         \                                      /            Lord
                   \___G_______ Tower ____G_____        /
                               Storage  |       \      /
                                  /     $        Goblin
                                 /              Chieftain
    Unique Items
    West Merchant
        4,285 gold   Stonecut Helm
       10,250 gold   Archendale Scale Armor
        4,790 gold   Spellstruck Ring
        7,120 gold   Necklace of Adaption
    East Merchant
        2,635 gold   Mace of Zhentil Keep (1HB)
        4,505 gold   Goblinbane (2H Axe)
        6,345 gold   Watchwall Shield (Light Shield)
    South Merchant
        3,365 gold   Celestial handaxe (thrown)
        6,200 gold   Longsword of the Moonshaes
        4,245 gold   Battlestaff of Cormyr
        7,300 gold   Underwatch Waraxe (1AX)
    Phaerlock Scavenger (minion)
    Phaerlock Impaler (artillery)
    Phaerlock Sentry
    You should be close to level 4 or level 4 at this point. If you are already
    level 4, you should get to level 5 by the end of the quest By Your Own Hands.
          !Quest By Your Own Hands
    Talk to Master Ayer. Check out the area and the Merchant. Take the southeast
    path down to the gate. Open the gate using the lever and continue along the
    tunnel to the Tower Storage Area. Kill the goblins and free Master Paxton. Head
    down the south tunnel. Don't get crushed by the boulder. Go into the next area
    and destroy the six barrels of Dryad Dust. Dryad Dust is explosive so use a
    ranged or thrown weapon to destroy the Dryad Dust.
    Go back to where you freed Master Paxton and head east. Go through the next
    gate. Cross the suspension bridge to meet up with the Goblin Chieftain. Kill
    the Chieftain and the rest of the goblins. Meet a very angry Garbo
    Silvertongue. Kill Garbo before he makes it to the water supply. Ranged attacks
    work best. If you fail to kill Garbo, you have to restart the quest from the
    beginning. Go back to the starting area and talk to Master Ayer to finish the
    	REWARD: 3500xp and 300 gold
          !Side Quest	Spirit Shackles
    Begin the quest by talking to Rol Quartzbellows. Go through the northeast gate.
    Fight your way past the goblins and phaerlocks (lizards). Go down to where
    Resil Quartzbellows is being held. You have to kill four Goblin Phantoms. The
    first ghost is right by Quartzbellows. Go up the nearest bridge and kill the
    second ghost. Go up the next bridge and kill the third ghost. The fourth and
    final ghost is located past the bridge with the two red banners. Go back down
    and talk to Resil. Escort Resil back to Rol.
    	REWARD: 3500xp and 300 gold
    You should be level 5 by now.
          !Quest Morbid Collector
    Talk to Master Ayer. Collect 10 Phaerlock Skulls. The skulls drop off of
    Phaerlock Warriors. Hunt through the eastern and northern tunnels until you
    have the 10 skulls. Go talk to Master Ayer.
    	REWARD: 3500xp and 300 gold
          !Side quest We Were Friends	
    Talk to Brandus Axestein. Go through the northeast gate. Make your way to the
    lowest section. Guldrazak gets resurrected! Defeat Guldrazak and some Goblin
    Phantoms. Go and report to Brandus Axestein.
    	REWARD: 3500xp and 300 gold
    Completing "We Were Friends" should get you to level 6.
          !Quest The Undead Gauntlet
    Travel to the Tower Crypt in the northeast section of The Depths. Kill the
    Undead in the area before talking to Master Ayer. Fight the three waves of
    undead to charge the Talisman. Sometimes one of the monsters drops the Naga
    Skin Leather Armor, a nice unique armor. Talk to Master Ayer.	
    	REWARD: 3500xp and 300 gold
          !Quest Rise of the Skull Lord
    Talk to Master Paxton. 	Return to the Grand Gate. Protect the dwarves from the
    goblins until the dwarves dig through the stone blocking the gate.
    	REWARD: 4500xp and 350 gold
          !Quest The Skull Lord	
    Talk to Master Ayer. Go through the gate. Follow the path. Fight the Skull
    Lord. The Skull Lord uses both Fire and Ice attacks. The Cold attack can Slow
    your movement speed. The Skull Lord has two Fire attacks. One is a spray of
    lava creating lava pools on the ground. Standing in a lava pool does continuous
    damage. The second Fire attack is a large Fireball that does AOE burning
    Avoid the Skull Lord's attacks by keeping a column between you and the Skull
    Lord. Get the Skull Lord to damage the bases of the columns. The Skull Lord
    become vulnerable when it kneels down to rest. Get the Skull Lord low on health
    and it moves to the middle of the area to regenerate health. The Skull Lord
    summons additional mobs while regenerating. Attack damaged columns while the
    Skull Lord is regenerating to make a column fall and crush the Skull Lord. A
    falling column should be enough to destroy one skull of the Skull Lord. Destroy
    all three skulls of the Skull Lord to defeat it. Loot the special CHEST which
    includes one unique item.
    	REWARD: 5000xp and 500xp
          !Quest Entering Mouth of the Void
    Exit through the Red Seal to end the chapter.
    	REWARD: 1000xp and 100 gold
    Tiefling Guard, minion
    Tiefling Darkblade, Lurker
    Tiefling Necromancer, elite controller
    Tiefling Heretic, artillery
           G--Haunted 2 -- G -- Zhentarim Camp
          /     G                $
         |      |
      Ghouls   Lufic
         |      |
         |      G--CAVE     __|_________ The Pit
          \         |         |
           G        G         |
            \ $     |         |
              ----Camp---G----| $
    The Pit Merchant
           8,480 gold   Rashemen Light Shield
          10,880 gold   Netheril Shield (Heavy Shield)
          14,655 gold   Winter Wolf Hide (hide armor)
          17,735 gold   Deep Maw Mithril Scale Armor
    Camp Merchant
          10,625 gold   Arrn'ess, Greatbow of Cormanthor
          16,825 gold   Flamefoe, The Frostbrand Scimitar
          17,490 gold   Vethicaex, Blade of Tymanther (2HS)
          21,660 gold   Ghellin's Grit (necklace)
    Zhent Camp Merchant
           7,100 gold    Fallen Star (light thrown weapon)
          10,195 gold    Bonebreaker (heavy thrown weapon)
          14,405 gold    Moradin's Might (ring)
          14,950 gold    Circle Magic Ring
          16,100 gold    Hand of Torm (amulet)
          !Quest Fresh Meat
    Talk to Daewen Bael. Wait for the Tiefling Guard to show up. Listen to Kilkar
    Demoneye ramble for a couple of minutes. Run around the arena and start looting
    weapons and healing potions. Try to find a weapon that matches your skills.
    Kill the enemies. The first wave are goblins, followed by Phaerlocks, and
    finally Tiefling Guards. Talk to Daewen once you get back to your cell.
          Gravedigger 2-9 damage
          The Tenderizer 5-17 damage
    During the next fight in the Arena, you want to protect Drathca. Grab some
    weapons and healing potions and start going to town on the enemies. The first
    wave consists of Phantom Warriors, Horde Ghouls, and Skeletons. Tiefling
    Darkblades, Phaerlock Scavengers, and more Horde Ghouls are in the second wave.
    You get sent back to your cell after the second wave.
    	REWARD: 4500xp
          !Quest A Slave to None	
    Talk to Drathca by approaching the bars of the cell. Listen to Rezlus, who
    likes the color green a little too much. Drathca, NOOOOOOOOOOO! Hang out in the
    cell for a minute or two. A mysterious Zhent shows up and opens your cell. Let
    Daewen fight the guards. Run around and open the four cells to free the other
    prisoners. Open the fifth cell to get your gear back. Re-equip your items and
    reassign your shortcut keys.
    Exit the prison area and make your way through the stronghold. Don't worry if
    the escaped prisoners die. Exit the stronghold and fight the Tieflings on the
    bridge to drive them out of the area.
          REWARD: 6500xp
          !Quest The Counter Attack
    Talk to Daewen. Repel the two waves of enemies. Defeat Kilkar Demoneye and his
    elite Dragonborn guard. The Dragonborn Warriors have a Cold breath attack. The
    Dragonborn Soldiers use a Fire breath attack.
    	REWARD: 6500xp and 450 gold
    You should be level 7 at this point.
          !Side Quest Do You Smell That?!
    Talk to Madder Belebrix by the Weapon Merchant. Go through the gate to the
    ghoul area. You will take continuous damage while in the area. Kill the
    Stinking Ghoul. Talk to Madder.
    	REWARD: 6500xp and 450 gold
          !Quest A Proper Burial
    Talk to Daewen. Cross the bridge and look for Krollan on the right. Open the
    gate between the two statues. Krollan's bones can be found in the ghoul area.
    Go back to the camp and follow the blue banners up the path to a gate. Go
    through the gate and the rock thing shows up. Continue along the path until you
    encounter Granifex, the rock monster. Fight Granifex. Granifex is vulnerable
    when its fist is stuck in the ground. It runs off before you can destroy it. Go
    up the stone ramp and go through the gate. Follow the path to another gate that
    leads to a haunted cathedral area. Go through another gate to the Zhent camp.
    Talk to Nezra.
    	REWARD: 6500xp and 500 gold
          !Side Quest The Haunting Party
    Talk to Eenthi, next to Nezra. Go to the west end of the camp and go through
    the gate by the merchant. Go through the next gate on the left/south. Kill the
    Tiefling Lufic Hellheart. Defeat the skeletons to free Taich. Kill Lufic before
    he casts his spell. Report back to Eenthi.
    	REWARD: 6500xp and 450 gold
          !Quest New Allies
    Talk to Nezra. Go to the ghoul area and rescue the Zhentarim Patrolman. Head
    south into the tunnels and find the other three patrols. Free the three
    patrolmen from their cages. Talk to Nezra after finding all four patrolmen.
    	REWARD: 6500xp and 500 gold
    You probably want to farm the mobs during "The Rockfist Smasher" quest so you
    can get to level  before the final boss battle.
          !Quest The Rockfist Smasher
    Talk to Nezra. Start the fight against Granifex. Once Granifex is reduced to
    about half hit points, a second boss appears, Obsidia. Obsidia has an AOE lava
    attack so keep moving. Granifex is aided by Elemental Sparks and skeletons.
    Obsidia summons Chaos Sparks and Zhents. All of your "allies" conveniently show
    up once both rockfists are dead.
    	REWARD: 8500xp and 800 gold
          !Quest Entering the Alter of Bane	
    This quest starts automatically. Loot the special CHEST. You can go back to the
    Zhent camp before going through the portal. Enter the portal to end the
    Watch what happens when Nezra meets a trebuchet.
          !Quest Top of the Tower
    Defeat Rezlus and his army. The army consists of Dragonborn, enemy Zhents, and
    Flameborn skeletons. Daewen gets taken out by magic. Union Leader Esar gets a
    face full of flame from a Dragonborn. Reduce Rezlus to zero health and he
    summons Incendius, a red dragon. Master Ayer goes for the claws, but meets the
    Incendius attacks at long range with his fire breath. This also leaves a
    burning floor that causes a lot of damage if you spend too much time standing
    on it. At close range Incendius attacks with leg sweeps, a bite, and a tail
    sweep. Attack both legs of Incendius. Get on the tail side of Incendius and
    attack the head. Incendius will lay down some flames and fly off. Get right by
    the flames. As soon as the flames go out, run up and press the [F] key to
    attack Rezlus. If you don't reach Rezlus in time, Incendius comes back and
    literally blows you away. You have to start with the claws again until you can
    take down Rezlus.
    Incendius flies away to do Rezlus' bidding. You jump onto Incendius' back.
    The next part is a Quick Time Event (QTE). Long live Shenmue! Watch for the
    prompts on the screen and press the corresponding button on the keyboard or
    mouse.  Possible keys/buttons include:
    	Right Mouse Button
    	Left Mouse button
    Use the [WASD] keys to crawl around on Incendius' back. You want to use [W] to
    crawl forward to Incendius' head. There are two gaps in the dorsal spine that
    you can move through using [A] and [D]. You may want to stay in a gap to avoid
    Incendius' flame attack. If Incendius raises its head to the right, move to the
    left side of the dorsal spine and crawl forward. If Incendius raises its head
    to the left, try to get to the right side. Move forward using the [W] key to
    get to Incendius' head.
    Keep following the button prompts once you get to the head. The prompts come
    very quickly so stay alert. If you miss a QTE prompt, you return to Incendius'
    back and have to crawl again. Automatically stab Incendius in the eye to finish
    the game.
    Congratulations! Open wide for some credits.
                      THE LOOT
    +30 HP      Potion of Healing
    +60 HP      Potion of Vitality
    +100 HP     Potion of Recovery
    +4 regen    Potion of Regeneration
    +2 MD       Elixir of Magic Defense
    +5 resist   Potion of (Fire/Cold) Resistance
    +5 resist   Potion of Stormshield (Lightning resist)
    +5 resist   Potion of Antivenom (Poison resist)
    +5 resists  Cryptspawn Potion (necrotic and poison resistance)
    +4 STR      Elixir of Giant Strength
    +4 DEX      Elixir of Elven Grace
    +4 INT      Elixir of the Magi
    +4 WIS      Elixir of the Ancients
    +2 speed    Elixir of Speed
    +3 attack   Elixir of Accuracy
    L1 Cloth Armor ..... +1 AC
    L2 Leather Armor ... +3 AC
    L3 Hide Armor ...... +4 AC
    L4 Chain Armor ..... +6 AC
    L5 Scale Armor ..... +? AC
    L1 Light Shield ........... +1 AC, +1 MD
    L1 Elven Light Shield ..... +1 AC, +1 MD
    L3 Heavy Shield ........... +2 AC, +2 MD
    L3 Dwarven Heavy Shield ... +2 AC, +2 MD
    L1 Eagle Helm
    L1 Leather Helm
    L1 Dwarven Helm
    Weapon Speed
    Extremely Fast ... 1.2
    Very Fast ........ 1.1
    Fast ............. 1.0
    Normal ........... 0.9
    Slow ............. 0.8
    1HS Dagger 2-4 damage, extremely fast
    1HS Shortsword 2-6 dmg, fast
    1HS Elven Shortsword 2-6dmg, very fast
    1HS Longsword 3-8 dmg, Normal
    1HS Scimitar 2-8 dmg, very fast
    2HS Tiefling Bastard Sword 4-14 dmg, fast
    2HS Greatsword 5-12 dmg, Normal
    2HS Dragonborn Greatsword 5-16 dmg, slow
    1AX Khopesh 1-7 dmg, fast
    AXE Battleaxe 1-9 dmg, normal
    AXE Dwarven Waraxe 1-11 dmg, slow
    2AX Greataxe 1-19 dmg, normal
    AXE Heavy War Pick 1-19 dmg, slow
    1HB Club 2-5, very fast
    1HB Mace 2-6, fast
    1HB Dwarven Warhammer 2-9 dmg, normal
    1HB Morning star 5-13dmg, normal
    1HB Mordenkrad 5-19 dmg, slow
    2HQ Quarterstaff 3-6 dmg, normal
    2HQ Elven Quarterstaff 3-6, very fast
    2HQ Ornate Quarterstaff 3-6, fast
    BOW Shortbow 2-5 dmg, fast
    BOW Longbow 2-7 dmg, normal
    BOW Elven Greatbow 2-7 dmg, very fast
    XBO Crossbow 2-7 dmg, slow
    XBO Superior Crossbow 3-7 dmg, normal
    XBO Hand Crossbow 1-5 dmg, fast
    LTH Throwing Dagger 2-4 dmg, fast
    LTH Shuriken 204 dmg, very fast
    HTH Handaxe 2-7 dmg, extremely fast
    HTH Throwing Hammer 2-9 dmg, fast
    HTH Dwarven Throwing Hammer 2-11 dmg, normal
    L8 1HS Crystal Dagger of D'Ahn, 2-4 dmg, Extremely Fast
    L4 1HS Ironfell Shortsword, 2-5 dmg, Fast
    L2 1HS Shortsword of Evereska, 2-6 dmg, Very Fast
    L5 1HS Longsword of the Moonshaes, 3-8 dmg, Normal
    L6 1HS Spectral Longsword, 3-8 dmg, Normal
    L9 1HS Flamefoe, The Frostbrand Scimitar, 2-8 dmg, Very Fast
    L7 2HS Blade of Zolfura, 4-14 dmg, Very Fast
    L5 2HS Greatsword of the Flaming Fist, 5-12 dmg, Normal
    L9 2HS Vethicaex, Blade of Tymanther, 5-16 dmg, Slow
    L1 Axe Westgate Khopesh, 1-7 dmg, fast
    L2 Axe The Wanderer's Battleaxe, 1-9 dmg, normal
    L6 Axe Underwatch Waraxe, 1-11 dmg, slow
    L3 Axe Goblinbane, 1-19dmg, normal
    L4 Axe Earthfast War Pick, 1-19 dmg, slow
    L7 1HB Bonecrusher, 2-5 dmg, very fast
    L3 1HB Mace of Zhentil Keep, 2-6 dmg, fast
    L3 1HB Warhammer of Mithral Hall, 2-9 dmg, normal
    L5 1HB Phantom Warhammer, 2-9 dmg, normal
    L4 1HB Skullbasher, 5-13 dmg, normal
    L6 1HB Glory, Mordenkrad of Tethyamar, 5-19 dmg, slow
    L1 2HQ Harper Quarterstaff, 3-6 dmg, normal
    L4 2HQ Battlestaff of Cormyr, 3-6 dmg, very fast
    L9 2HQ Staff of the Red Wizards, 3-6 dmg, Fast
    L3 BOW Shortbow of Deepingdale, 2-5 dmg, fast
    L8 BOW Longbow of Lathander's Light. 2-7 dmg, normal
    L9 BOW Arrn'ess, Greatbow of Cormanthor, 2-7 dmg, very fast
    L2 XBO Luskan Crossbow, 2-7 dmg, slow
    L3 XBO Battlehammer Crossbow, 3-7 dmg, normal
    L5 XBO Hand Crossbow of Deneir, 1-5 dmg, Fast
    L6 LTH Throwing Dagger of Trueshot, 2-4 dmg, Fast
    L8 LTH Fallen Star, 2-4 dmg, very fast
    L5 HTH Celestial Handaxe, 2-7 dmg, extremely fast
    L10 HTH Bonebreaker, 2-9 dmg, fast
    L3 HTH Bouldershoulder's Dwarven Bow, 2-11 dmg, normal
    L2 Cloth    Bloodstained Aketon
    L5 Cloth    Sarrukh's Robe
    L4 Leather  Assassin's Jerkin
    L7 Leather  Naga Skin Leather Armor
    L9 Hide     Winter Wolf Hide
    L6 Hide     Semberholme Porcupine Hide
    L10 Chain   Bregan D'aerthe Chainmail
    L4 Chain    Hammergate Chainmail
    L8 Scale    Deep Maw Mithral Scale Armor
    L5 Scale    Archendale Scale Armor
    L3 Light   Chult Wood Shield
    L1 Light   Uthgardt Barbarian Shield
    L9 Light   Rashemen Light Shield
    L6 Light   Watchwall Shield
    L4 Heavy   Impervious Guard
    L8 Heavy   Netheril Shield
    L5 Heavy   Battlehammer Shield
    L7 Heavy   Shield of Forgefires
    L3 Eartheart Helm
    L5 Ironforge Helm
    L9 Marlspire of Najara
    L4 Stonecut Helm
    L7 Thruldar's Eagle Helm
    L7 Crown of the Skybinder
    L1 Ravenscar's Old Leather Helm
    L6 Mooshie's Thinking Cap
    L9  Hand of Torm
    L10 Tear of the Gods
    L3  Halfling's Wit
    L7  Halagothra's Gift
    L10 Ghellin's Grit
    L5  Necklace of Adaptation
    L3  Fire Opal Torque
    L6  Helm's Blessing
    L1  Stormspawn Ring
    L3  Vampire's Embrace
    L5  Curse of the Lich
    L4  Spellstruck Ring
    L8  Moradin's Might
    L6  Ring of the Shadow Thieves
    L10 Ring of Annihilation
    L8  Circle Magic Ring
                      THE MAGIC
        Type A  | Type B
    +1  Level 1 | Level 2
    +2  Level 3 | Level 4
    +3  Level 5 | Level 6
    +4  Level 7 | Level 8
    +5  Level 9 | Level 10
    Everything is Type A unless otherwise noted
    Resists are always Type A
    PROPERTY  |   +1      |    +2    |    +3     |   +4         |  +5
    Fire      | Fiery     | Burning  | Flaming   | Scorching    | Blazing
    Lightning | Crackling | Shocking | Brilliant | Flashing     | Luminous
    Poison    | Lethal    | Noxious  | Toxic     | Debilitating | Venomous
    Cold      | Frozen    | Icy      | Glacial   | Hailing      | Chilling
    Necrotic  | Deathly   | Decaying | Lifeless  | Ethereal      | Rotting
    PROPERTY  |   +2      |    +3    |    +4     |   +5         |  +6
    Radiant   | Shining   | Dazzling | Bright     | Beaming      | Glowing
        Cold and Radiant are Type B for Weapons
    Weapon Damage vs Undead | Hit Points Gained per Weapon Kill (Type B)
    +1   Horrific           | +1   Deadly
    +2   Rising             | +2   Ferocious
    +3   Roaming            | +3   Destructive
    +4   Reanimating        | +4   Brutal
    +5   Unholy             | +5   Merciless
    +% Arcane/Divine Damage |  +1        |  +2        |  +3
    L2/4/6 Arcane Force ... | Novice     | Acolyte    |
    L2/4/6 Arcane Fire .... | Scarlet    | Crimson    |
    L3/5/7 Arcane Necrotic  | Bone       | Scarab     |
    L3/5/7 Arcane Cold .... | Azure      | Cobalt     |
    L4/6/8 Arcane Lightning | Silver     |            |
    L3/5/7 Divine Radiant . | Shimmering | Iridescent |
          +1 is +5-10%
          +2 is +11-15%
          +3 is +16-20%
    Cracked     -1 Attack
    Movement Speed Increase
    Quickened     5-10%
    Hyper        11-15%
    Swift        16-20%
    Rapid        21-25%
    Express      26-30%
    Improved Crit
    Every weapon plus adds 1-8 or 1-10 crit damage instead of 1-6
    Level 4     +1-8    of Devastation
    Level 8     +1-10   of Ruin
    ONGOING DAMAGE (Levels 3/5/7/9/10)
    Level |       Fire      |      Poison      | Bleeding         | Ice/Slow
      1   | of Combustion   | of Pestilence    | of Gore          | of Gore
      2   | of Fire         | of Blight        | of the Slaughter |
      3   | of Incineration | of Disease       | of Carnage       |
      4   | of Ignition     | of Infection     | of Destruction   |
      5   | of the Flame    | of Contamination | of Bloodshed     |
          L1 = +1   L2 = +2   L3 = +2  L4 = +3   L5 = +4
    Level |  Attack Speed Increase   | Increased Range (Type A)
      1   | of Flight        +10-14% | of Long Distance      + 5-7%
      2   | of Velocity      +15-18% | of Extended Aim       + 8-10%
      3   | of Rapidity      +19-22% | of the Great Expanse  +11-13%
      4   | of Haste         +23-26% | of Superior Length    +14-16%
      5   | of Acceleration  +27-30% | of Open Vastness      +17-20%
    Level |  Knockback %chance       | Knockdown % chance, duration
      1   | of the Wounded     5-7%  | of the Fallen      5-7%, 1 second
      2   | of the Forsaken    8-10% | of the Forgotten   8-10%, 1.25 seconds
      3   | of the Stricken   11-13% | of the Hidden     11-13%, 1.5 seconds
      4   | of the Inflicted  14-16% | of the Horde      14-16%, 1.75 seconds
      5   | of the Baseless   17-20% | of the March      17-20%, 2 seconds
          Knockback is Level 2/3/4/5/6
    EFFECT (Levels 3/5/7/9/10)
    Level        |  BLIND           | STUN           | WEAKEN
      1 [5-7%]   | of the Sightless | of the Prone   | of the Downtrodden
      2 [8-10%]  | of the Lost      | of Propagation | of the Frail
      3 [11-13%] | of the Darkness  | of Thorns      | of the Feeble
      4 [14-16%] | of the Blind     | of Fortune     | of the Delicate
      5 [17-20%] | of the Vanished  | of the Chosen  | of the Fragile
    EFFECT (Levels 3/5/7/9/10)
    Level        |  SLOW           | IMMOBILIZE        | FEAR
      1 [5-7%]   | of the Sluggish | of the Helpless   | of the Frightful
      2 [8-10%]  | of the Dawdling | of the Still      | of Horror
      3 [11-13%] | of the Sloth    | of the Halted     | of Terror
      4 [14-16%] | of the Weak     | of the Motionless | of Dread
      5 [17-20%] | of the Measured | of the Unmoving   | of the Haunted
    Lvl |  DAMAGE          | FIRE DAMAGE + DOT   | COLD + SLOW    | POISON + DOT
     1  | of the Afflicted | of the Combustion   | of Frost       | of Pestilence
     2  | of the Sorrow    | of the Fire         | of Ice         | of Blight
     3  | of the Injured   | of the Incineration | of Hailstone   | of Disease
     4  | of the Vengeful  | of the Ignition     | of the Glacier | of Infection
     5  | of the Chaos     | of the Flame       | of the Arctic  | of Contamination
          L1 = 5-10% / L2=11-15% / L3=16-20$ / L4=21-25% / L5=26-30%
    SAVING THROW BONUS VS (Level 1/3/5)
      +1  | of Perception        | of Promptness   | of Sturdiness
      +2  | of Clear-Sightedness | of Expediency   | of Stoutness
      +3  | of Vision            | of Progression  | of Indomitability
    IMPROVED HEALING (Levels 3/5/7/9/10) (not working for necklaces?)
    10-14    of Wellbeing
    15-18    of Health
    19-22    of Vigor
    23-26    of Hardiness
    27-30    of Constitution
    REGENERATION (Levels 3/5/7/9/10)
    of Cleansing
    of Composure = +3 HP recovered every 7 seconds
    of Renewal
    of Rejuvenation = +5HP every 8 seconds
    of Reanimation
    KNOCKBACK REDUCTION (Levels 2/3/4/5/6)
    20-26    of Consumption
    27-32    of the Alaor
    33-38    of Sapra
    39-44    of Balance
    45-50    of Inertia
    FIGHTER BLOCK BONUS (Levels 2/4/6)
    +1    of the protector
    +2    of the Defender
    +3    of the Guardian
    IMPROVE ROGUE DODGE (Levels 2/4/6)
    20-30    of the Sure-Footed
    31-40    of Haste
    41-50    of Swiftness
    10-15    of Invigoration
    16-20    of Remediation
    21-25    of Life
    RESISTS (Levels 1/3/5)
    RESISTS   |       (+1)          |        (+2)        |       (+3)
    Fire .... | of the Burning Wood | of Draco           | of Claimport
    Lightning | of Grounding        | of Shielding       | of the Scimitar Spires
    Poison .. | of Neutralization   | of the High Forest | of Raven
    Cold .... | of Dire Wood        | of the First Order | of the Lost Peaks
    Necrotic  | of the Pact         | of Dark Arrow Keep | of the Six
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