Question from Steve-23

Have you made this cheat work?

The one and only cheat I've seen is here:

I can't make it work. My questions are:

Have you done it recently? I ask because when I first loaded the game, about a month ago, I got a patch. I let it load. Think that killed the cheat?

If you have done it, how? I was thinking that perhaps you need to play Round 1, Hole 1 at Tournament, the Round 4, hole 18 at Tournament. I haven't tried this yet, I've only tried it on Round 1, Hole 1 then again on Round 1 Hole 18. Perhaps that is the problem?

On a side note, I DID get the no focus pin as the cheat said I would.

I really don't need the XP cheat at this point as I have a ton of points, but I'd still like to know if it can be done.

Any comments would be helpful. Thanks

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