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Whats the level cap?

Exactly what I just asked.

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XIIR34P3RIIX answered:

Ok Confirmed it maxed out at level 100.
100 Experience: 24,219,052/24,219,052
55 Fame: 2,451,890/ 2,451,890
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wewerethere answered:

Lvl 99
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drifttheoryDNB answered:

99 for characters. 55 for fame. Though there is a bug that gives you got the max fame achievement early. I got it at 34 and have a friend that got it in the 20s.
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XIIR34P3RIIX answered:

Thats a lie im currently level 100 and im still gaining experience i was just about too kill a boss which gives like 50k experience too see if it caps at level 100 but i froze the game out due too the massive amounts of enemies at wave 60 and i use the explosive shot with my 2500 dps weapon with like 90 percent crits so i do like 40- 100k dmg per enemy in the radius of it which makes it lag a bit sometimes or just freezes my xbox
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