Question from kuragari666

?R the only characters u can be...?

Lightning noel and serah....
Cause honestly i wanna be snow hope and sahz still, and unlock fang and vanille later in game. ???


Cetra29 answered:

You only have Serah and Noel.

Snow is a guest character during one Time Period and Lightning will be a downloadable character for the Collosseum. That's all as it is at the moment.
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GoronDude answered:

Serah and Noel are the main characters that can be controlled.

The Final Fantasy Wikia states that Lightning is a temporary character, but there will be DLC to get her as a "Monster" by defeating her in the Coliseum.

Snow is a guest character during the Sunleth Waterscape, but cannot be controlled.
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ImmortalEntityX answered:

Recent news has confirmed that Sazh will be an available party member, after finishing his episode. I don't know what role he'll be, but he'll probably be treated like a monster. I'd imagine the Ravager role. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that was his strong point.

Lightning will have her own episode as well, and she's already a dlc character that can be recruited. Since her role is a Ravager, I'm personally hoping for her awakened form as a commando.

I imagine every character will have their own episodes. Unfortunately, the only way you'll experience these is if you pay the extra cash.
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Leonguard answered:

Serah and Noel are the only controllable characters in the entire game. (excluding the opening sequence with lightning). True, that DLC for the other characters is planned and two are currently available. Sazh is a Synergist, and Lightning is a very fast/diverse Ravager. Both have their unique abilities from FFXIII as their feral links.
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Ventus215 answered:

They are the only ones controllable. Others are/will be available via DLC. Annoying, I know.
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