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Asked: 3 years ago

So as I'm leveling up the Crystarium I see I can have different bonuses whenever. Question is...?

Will I be able to have all the bonuses available. Like will I be able to have max Capacity and max Role levels for all characters and Max ATB?

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From: jlandejr 3 years ago

Yes you will be able to have all the bonuses. There are only the 3 roles, 2 ATBs, i believe 2 Capacity, and 3 Role bonuses. The role bonuses consist of extra damage for COM, extra chaining for RAV, extra chance for debuffing for SAB, extra duration for SYN, extra damage reduction for SEN, and extra healing for MED.

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Yes you can get all the stage bonuses.

On a related note, when you level your crystarium, the STAT bonuses are different depending on which role you use to level up. ie. Use COM to level up the larger sphere and you'll get COM bonus. Same goes for other roles. Therefore, once every role is level 99 your stats may not be maxed.

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i believe u can get every single bonus when u max everything and to get 6 ATB gagues u have to beat the game then buy the weapon that give ATB Gauge +1 but the thing is its not the strongest weapon

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