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CP grinding areas?

Has anyone found any good areas to grind cp in yet? The best i have come across is Oerba before you fight Ciuse for the first time. The spawns there give 260+ idk if there is a better one for how far i am into the game.

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Grayve answered:

Academia 500af On the bridge with the cactaur in the middle. Spawn rate is ridiculous, Monsters easily defeatable on Relentless assault. (around 500cp per 30s) without the fragment skill.
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RhapsodosXIII answered:

You can farm Narasimha in Yaschas Massif -10X AF- for 2000 regular CP, 4000 with green chocobo's " Bonus CP skill, and 6000 with Growth egg fragment skill, ( possibly 8000, don't know for sure because i don't have it myself )
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angularfocus answered:

Early on when you get to Yaschas Messif, you can farm Feral Behemoths using a Pulsework Soldier, and the Mystic Tower Paradigm to get the monster to stagger, then finish it off with Relentless Assault. You get 300 CP and 300 Gil per kill, and the fight doesn't last might longer than 1:30 or so.

Obviously this is only good for early farming/grinding, as a 5* kill usually nets you two Potent Slivers.
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darkstar7646 answered:

If you're only that far, then Oerba is a great place to grind some CP.

Once you get to Archelyte Steppe, it really improves.
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ScottZanarky answered:

The best place I found so far was Academia 400AF. With the incredibly fast and unlimited spawn rates of mobs in very close proximity, coupled with the general ease of the fights, you can pull off some SERIOUS CP. Within 1 hour, I had 20,000 CP and gained two entire Chrystarium Levels. Of course, this won't match any sort of endgame stuff, but for that part in the game, I'd be surprised if there's anything faster.

Best thing to do is go in with Relentless Assault-W, and let Serah throw around -ga spells, while Noel picks them off one-by-one. Let your monster Ravager pick up the slack. Aggression would work just as well. You can drop 8 monsters in 20-30 seconds.
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badham94 answered:

Personally I wouldn't grind, just go around doing sidequests. I got max level with not a single bit of grinding, before I even finished every quest. So you'll definitely get max level during your time doing quests, just don't run from enemies and don't use chocobos!
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mobius5747 answered:

honestly there is no need to grind for CP if you concentrate on finding monster materials. CP comes easily and you get powered up monsters
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fenoex answered:

Academia 400af when you unlock it, just stand in front of a security barrier and you will get unlimited mobspawn and all you have to do is hit A, I did this, watched some movies while i grinded, about 400 without fragment skills, the battles are easy as long as you can fight about 6 enemies per battle. Very quick and easy, plus decent money
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