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Full ATB Skill?

I know this sounds stupid but I honestly don't know. How do you get Ultima Arrow for Serah and Meteor Javelin for Noel?

I heard you get them by going through Ravager (Serah) and Commando (Noel) but, I maxed both those roles out and I still don't have either of those Skills.


Accepted Answer

a22shady answered:

As your leveling up the crystarium at the end of each level it gives you different options of things to unlock and you have to chose that option to unlock it. But dont worry because you can still unlock it by leveling up other set's. By the end once your completly leveled up you will have every option.
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jlandejr answered:

I believe it is when you expand the crystarium the 11th time you get the choice to unlock those abilities.
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