Question from byzony

Asked: 3 years ago

Good place for farming monster materials?

If anyone knows any good place for getting materials grade 2 and upwards for biological monsters that would be awesome :)

Accepted Answer

From: cypherchild 3 years ago

Potent Silver (Grade 2) - Sunleth Waterscape (300AF) - Go to the base of the Crystal area in the north of the map and fight Ceratoraptors and Ceratosaurs. 33% and 25% drop rate respectively.

Potent Orb (Grade 3) - Early game Archylte Steppe. Fight Buccaboo/Buccaboo Ace's. Mid Game - Academia (400AF) - Fight Ghouls in the Alley area. Late Game - A Dying World (700AF) - Fight Garganzolas and Apotamkins in the west of the map (they drop 2 per kill usually).

Potent Essence (Grade 4) - Archylte Steppe (???AF) - Hedge Frog, Mud Frog, Swampmonk, Caterchipillar all drop them. Go to the Clearwater Marshes area during rainy weather.

Potent Crystal (Grade 5) - Archylte Steppe (???AF) - Fight Microchu's in the Clearwater Marshes again. This time, during aunny weather.

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