Question from SergeXIII13

How much memory does this take?

I have an Arcade with a 8GB flash drive, so my hard drive space is limited. I'd like to grab FFXIII-2 for my 360, but I'd like to know if it can handle the install.


AnkokuFalls answered:

installation of the disc took just over 6 gigs to install. but i wouldnt bother with installing the game to your HD unless your worries about loading time or your xbox being knocked over and screatching the disc. and if you were asking about saving games then you would be beyond okay with an 8 gig FDD
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KingofCosmos answered:

I attempted to install the game to my Xbox 360 hard drive and the console said it would take up 7.7 GB of space. So just barely enough to fir on your flash drive. However, Xbox System files may take up too much space for you to put it on the drive.
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shankstagog answered:

King. Do you know how long it took?
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ferret37 answered:

King is correct, 7.7Gb is the size of the installed game. However, save files are 24Mb each, and I finished the game with 16 for a total of 8.1Gb. Accounting for system files and allocation loss you'll be lucky to get the game installed and have enough space for two saves.
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Leonguard answered:

Honestly, it's not worth the outrageous size and time it takes to install. The only long loading screen is when you open locations from the historia crux, but after that it's pretty smooth just on the disk.

I tried to install it and it never even started at all after an hour. It just sat there frozen, I couldn't cancel or anything.
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