Question from kimble500

Asked: 3 years ago

No ending?

I was going to buy this game, but a friend told that it doesn't have an ending (like Alan Wake, buy the DLCs if you want to see how this ends). Is it true?

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From: gamingrat 3 years ago

First you have to beat the game for the first time. After all of the cutscenes, head to Serindiptiy and talk to the Mystic to get the Paradox Scope skill. Equip this and seal the gates in certain areas. after you complete the level with the scope equiped, you will recieve a Paradox Ending. You have to get all eight of the Paradox Endings and all of the Fragments to be able to see the last ending

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No, there are 10 different endings of which you can get by completing the game in different ways.

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