Question from Blades_Artemis

Asked: 3 years ago

Crystarium Question?

Is it better to level classes simultaneously or focus on one over the others? Since it seems really biased in the way you level up in the Crystarium now.

Accepted Answer

From: CallMeBanjo 3 years ago

I leveled them up simultaneously, but there's not necessarily a "right" answer here. I'd suggest leveling them up according to your play style. When I was upgrading them, I'd go through each of the six roles and see what abilities they were lined up to learn next, then leveled them to my preferences. I made sure I had a party member with Raise right away, then I made sure somebody had all the elemental spells, and lastly I upgraded the Synergist/Saboteur role for Noel/Serah, respectively. Hope this helps.

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