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Defeated Faeryl; why is my boss still The Royal Ripeness?

I have searched online for about an hour... It says to go to the portal in the archylte steppe but it is blocked and I cannot figure out how to unblock it. I know I have to go to the coliseum as well but have no idea how to get there. The strategy guides I read just say to return to the historia crux but it isn't there.

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Yes I have gone to the void beyond.

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This is driving me crazy. The archelyte steppe gate is opened after defeating 3 of the giant catuses I guess so that isn't the answer. I cannot figure this out! There is no coliseum in my historia crux.

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The void beyond is not showing up on my historia crux either...

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Actually after looking it up I went to Locked location - year unknown. How do I get to the void beyond? I googled it and it said to go through the gate where you come in. But it is blocked and mog says its sealed.

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to get to the coliseum you need to go too sunleth 300 AF jump on the back of the beast for him to take you down to the bit where you learnt the through ability when you jump off his back keep going south along the branches use your moogle hunt to reveal a vine that leads to the hidden woodland area jump onto a tree branch to reach the bumpy bough zone and continue on the path till you reach isle of arboreal embrace aproach the miniflans then you will recieve the combat artefact the gate you need is a small walk to the west on bow isle area

if you fallow this you will get there
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