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Defeated Faeryl; but Boss still Royal ripeness?

I am following the strategy guide I found online and it says after defeating Faeryl I need to travel to the coliseum but it is not showing up on my historia crux. When I go to Sunleth the boss is still Royal Ripeness. What do I need to do in order to get the boss to be mutant tomato??? I have been stuck for 3 hours...

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How did you beat him? It almost seems impossible at my level, I always get owned.

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How do you get to coliseum I guess is my new question.

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I went about this a little differently. I went to Sunleth first, and fought Royal Ripeness, "beat" him, and then the coliseum. After that stuffis when I went and defeated Faeryl and such. After that and going back to Sunleth, Royal Ripeness, as you once knew him, has changed. Hope that helps

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Honestly, just perseverance was what I stuck with. Make sure you have at least one ravager (serah in my case) and put him on blast with whatever magic it is that he's not impervious to, or just simply soaks up. I wanna say it's snow that actually heals him with his attacks, which made the battle harder. I did most of the battle with my med out. Plenty of potions and some pheonix downs go a long way. And as far as the coliseum goes, I can't remember exactly what I did. Sorry. Obviously, though, it's gonna be some artefact. Just go to any place you haven't been to yet and explore. I know that's not the best answer, but when all else fails, go back to basics, I always say.

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Actually, just read on gamespot's walkthru that there's actually a little flan with royal ripeness that heals him. (sorry on the dis, So with that being said, I don't think you can attack that flan, so either have just one, or two ravagers (having a med is good too) and just pound away at him.

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To get Mutantomato to appear you have to get both the Black Hole Gem and the White Hole Gem. If you haven't found the White Hole Gem yet you need to search around the Waterscape for a bit. I think it is found all the way in a corner where the flan are escaping. The area is a big tree and you have to jump from branch to branch.

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NM about my earlier post. You need to go to the Coliseum to get the White Hole Gem.

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To get the Colosseum open, you need to open the gate in sunleth waterscape located at the southwest corner (map fixed to north of course) and it can be opened with the combat artifact obtained by defeating the group of flan to the east (the artifact will be visible behind the group of flan before battle).

All that's there is the black hole fragment and you get the white hole fragment from the fearyl in the Archylte Steppe. Then return to the sunleth waterscape and fight the weaker "Mutantomato" to get the Mutantomato fragment!

If you fight him before you do this (or by closing the gate) he while be "Royal Ripeness" and defeating him will require the use of wind based attacks (sentinels and medics for weaker parties) and will result in a paradox ending.

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