Infusion question?

  1. Hey guys, I just infused a monster with gilfinder II but on the monsters passive abilities it doesn't say it has gilfinder II, why's that?. Before I pressed ok, it said something about not having a role, but that has nothing to do with it I'd imagine.

    Thanks guys,

    spawndie - 4 years ago


  1. It depends of if the skill was transferable. You'll see skills that have a lock icon next to them, and a circle ish icon. Only those with the circle icons will get transferred via infusion.
    darkm0d - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. Is there any way around the lock ?.....
    kevkg - 4 years ago 0 0
  3. You need to pay attention to the lock colors of each passive ability you wish to transfer over to

    Also Each Monster has up to 10 passive abilities

    Red Lock: Untransferrable, cannot be replaced or transferred.
    Yellow Lock: Transferable but cannot be replaced even after 10 Passive Abilities
    White Lock: Transferable but can be replaced if you reach past 10 Passive Abilities

    Red Locks will stay with the monster forever and cannot be transferred onto other monsters.

    Yellow Locks are transferrable when you merge that monster with another monster. Meaning that that ability can be merged with another monster. If you have 10+ Abilities, a Yellow Lock Ability will remain permanent and cannot be replaced unlike white lock abilities.

    White Locks will are transferable but they can also be lost if you have too many Passive Abilities. Basically Saying that there is a chance to lost these abilities if you have over 10+ Abilities.

    Hopefully that clears things up

    Foul_Dawn - 4 years ago 0 0

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