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Captain Cryptic locations?

Help with the locations for captain cryptic in 4xx AF?

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SilverSoul255 answered:

I just went through the trouble of doing this myself. There's a really good spot to camp Captain Cryptic. Go to Grand Avenue, which is the street filled with shops on the east side of town. In the center of the street, there are three locations within sight of each other- under a staircase leading up (the stairs are facing east), the dead-end north of the staircase (it's to the right of some stairs leading down and north), and a shop window south and slightly east from the staircase. If he isn't in either of these three locations, go back to the Historia Crux and re-enter Academia. Since every time you re-enter the city he moves, he will eventually appear. This is significantly easier than running all over town looking for him!
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gimliskar answered:

From what i've seen he usually likes to hid in corners or shops. The game mentions that there will be chatter from other people on where he is. If you are in the wrong area, East or West, the people will mention him being on the other side, if your on the correct side they don't say anything.

Even though you revealed him in the main area he goes back to phased out so finding him can sometimes be a pain on a chocobo.
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