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Growth Egg?

Ive heard there is a growth egg fragment in this game. im assuming it does the same things as it does in 13 but have no idea how to get it. anyone know where its at?

Dan_04_1985 asked for clarification:

To unlock it, gather all fragments in Bresha ruins and Yaschas massif. Mean all of the time for both places. Bresha ruins 005af, Bresha ruins300af, Bresha ruins100 af
Yaschas massif 100af 110af 01x af

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RhapsodosXIII answered:

It's not an item in this game its a fragment skill. To unlock it, gather all fragments in Bresha ruins and Yaschas massif.
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CallMeBanjo answered:

There are also a few monsters that have an ability called "Bonus CP." The only two monsters I know of that have it are the Green Chocobo and Don Tonberry, though I think there's a third one... anyway, I have 999,999 CP right now and I've been maxed out for a long time. Rolling in CP is useful if you get it really really early, but in the end you won't really need it.
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