Question from Awesomeness13

Asked: 3 years ago

I have Augustus tower 300 Af I need 200 Af?

How do I get key card 13

Additional details - 3 years ago

I did access it when i put in the code and when I go back it says system cleared

Accepted Answer

From: gamingrat 3 years ago

If you are talking about getting to the 13th floor in 300, then you need to go to 200 and do the three fragment quests that are located on the 50th floor. for this you need to find 3 boxes with some paradox item in it. the first one is on the 50th floor in the upper corner of the room wher Chocolina is. the other two are on the 49th floor near the outer ring. One of them is easy to spot, the the third one is at the bottom of the giant hole next to one of the outer pillars.

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You need to go to the top floor of 300 and access the computer panel to get the card.

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