Question from cptnoblivious77

Where can I find chocobo?

I know which areas most of them are but I was wondering if there is a specific spot or circumstance in which they appear.


ScottZanarky answered:

In terms of circumstance, they will usually appear after fulfilling a specific area's main storyline, or even just a part of it. Other areas will have them available right away.

There are specific spots for them, but of course, that is solely dependent on the area that you are in. Usually each area will have 2-4 Chocobo locations if Chocobos are available.
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Nadezhda_ answered:

If you mean to capture them, they are a uncommon enemy to run into, I think you can start encountering them as enemies in Bresha ruins 005 AF
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Ali_Carns answered:

Here is a list for you if you haven't already found them, they all have a low spawn rate and a low crystal drop rate.

Yellow (com) - Archylte Steppe (??? AF)
White (med) - Oerba (300 AF)
Black (sab) - Vile Peaks (010 AF)
Blue (rav) - Archylte Steppe (??? AF)
Red (com) - Archylte Steppe (??? AF)
Green (med) - Yaschas Massif (110 AF & 100 AF)
Purple (syn) - Bresha Ruins (100 AF & 300 AF)

Gold (com) - Dying World (700 AF) - Found in the treasure box north east of the dead sands area, requires moogle hunt.

Silver (sen) - Academia (4XX AF) - Found in the research facility, throw moogle into the base of the cocoon projection, this requires you have the moogle manifestation fragment skill.

The silver chocobo is the best one to use in the races followed by the gold chocobo.
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Chocobo_Lover22 answered:

Ive had the best luck finding violet bocos in bresha 300 as opposed to bresha 100 most notably near the cemetery, similarly ive had good luck finding greeny in yaschas 100 in the southern end of the pass of paddra area. right before you jump up the ledge to the south most area of the map.

Red can be near yomi's platform in the dust storm, white is on a raised platform east of chocolina
Still no sign of blue :(
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Leonguard answered:

an addition to Ali_Carns 3 answer: The golden and silver chocobos are unique, so you can not recapture or obtain more under any circumstances!

Also, I've found the best luck is to just hunt near the chocobos that you can actually ride on the map, just run around near them until you encounter one. (you can either fight the extra enemies to get your feral links charged for the battle as the drop rates are very low or just run away and return to the spot)
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parasiteeve2 answered:

The chocobos appear randomly during a fight and the only chocobo you can get without fighting it is the gold chocobo
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