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Can monsters of the same type have different attributes/traits?

Are monsters of the same type/species able to have different attributes/traits if you catch different ones. For example, my first Cait Sith has the Well-Grown trait, I believe (this is from memory). If I were to release that Cait Sith and capture a new one, would the new Cait Sith have different attributes than the first one I captures or are they monster specific?

Tetrarc provided additional details:

I correct myself. My Cait Sith has the traits Late Bloomer, Hexproof, and Calm. My Scandroid had the Well-Grown trait.

Tetrarc provided additional details:

After finding and capturing multiple Chocobos, they all had the same traits. This leads me to believe that all of the monsters of the same species have the same traits.

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chancho4141 answered:

My first Caitsith had the late bloomer attribute, so yeah probably, this is not however a definite yes on my part
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