Question from chancho4141

How do I get to the Clearwater Marshes, in ??? AF at the Archelyte Steppe?

I can't jump over the gap in between the area near the blue cactaur statue, and the area on the other side, and i need to get over so i can get essences

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Nadezhda_ answered:

During windy or rainy weather, a cactuar statue will appear in the western part of Grave ridge, once you activate this statue it will be available during any weather.
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xxgulcasaxx answered:

Go to grave ridge where the wild gate is makesure its cloudy and find the gold statue. its not a large area so it should be easy to find and cloudy would be (both handles at camp in up position)
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FaygoMayhem answered:

Also, after you fight all three Gigantuars you get axcess to Chocobos by talking to the girl next to the pen at the Hunter's Camp. You can then cross the ridge by using the hover ability (press O).
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fenoex answered:

Set the weather to windy and near the hill that requires a chocobo to jump to with an item floating on it, is a tornado use moogle hunt near the tornado and a gold statue will appear. Activate it and it will teleport you to the middle of the marshes, at which point you can find the other red and green cactuar statues.
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