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how do i find Tezcatlipoca?

ive reran through academia 500AF 5 times now and it keeps spawning Xoloti+Miquiztli. am i doing something wrong or am i just getting extremely unlucky? and yes i am reclosing the gate each time

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gamingrat answered:

You might need the battlemaina fragment skill in order to get him
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RhapsodosXIII answered:

If it's not Tezcatlipoca that spawns, just run away and go back. If you don't start a fight you don't need to start over again.
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CallMeBanjo answered:

gamingrat is right. Finding distortion monsters is SO much easier with Battlemania. You can get it from the Mystic in Serendipity after you have the Academic Rank: Paradox Professor. In other words you've got to show the person in Academia 400 AF every single map in the game, 100% completed. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds, it was HELL trying to do that in Final Fantasy IV...
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estep_0918 answered:

You don't need to show here every map in the game just 10 of them. You have to show her the maps to Sunleth waterscape, Yaschas Massif, Archylte Steppe, Augusta Tower, Oerba, Vile Peaks, New bodum, A dying World, Bresha ruins, and Academia.
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gamingrat answered:

Thats correct Estep, but you forgot one thing, and that is if there is something different between the maps for the areas, then you will need to go to them. For example, you will need to visit Academia 4XX and 500 in order to get it all completed, as well as Agusta tower 200 and 300. for the rest fo them, you just have to go to all of the different maps until you get them all done. If you look under key items, you can highlight the map name and it will tell you how much is done. And CallMeBanjo, i agree with you. Completing the maps in IV for the DS sucked, i never managed to get that one done, there was always that one thing i missed and couldn't find.
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