Question from crackadoo

Looking for segmented carapace?

Have been looking everywhere fore segmented carapace but cant find 1 can anyone help?


Nadezhda_ answered:

Cie'th in New Bodhum 700 AF drops them
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Foul_Dawn answered:

In New Bodhum 700 AF, There will be a monster called "Strigoi"

There is only a 5% Rare Drop Rate
So it will take awhile to get it unless you have a Collectors Catalog to speed up the process
Note: Play on Normal Mode to increase chances of obtaining it

Strigoi Stats:
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mpwjr answered:

I have found that the you can get close to 100% Strigoi enemies near the Village area in A Dying World 700 AF. After having only 10-20% Strogoi at New Bodum 700 AF. Good luck!
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